Jinyuan football is not terrible, bring the effect of “really terrible”!How to evaluate golden football?

Some people confuse Jinyuan football with normal operation investment, so they also put forward the wrong conclusion that the operation of football club is actually Jinyuan football. In recent years, the national management department has also taken a series of strong measures, the purpose is to correct the sequela of jinyuan football before.In fact, the essence of gold football is to manipulate gold, so high-quality resources are cut off by extreme attack in local areas, which deviates from the law of value and the law of football development, and also destroys the environment of football development and fair competition.The very famous Chinese host Bai Yansong once said, “Chinese football actually detour a lot, and now to return to the starting point, we have to run again according to the rules.”And the detour he was talking about was actually a golden football;The question comes to The Chinese gold football is Xu Jiayin with Evergrande up?Then we will go back to dial, we found that in 00, cosco real estate boss Xu Zexian with thirty million yuan bought the time also in A B of the pudong district of Shanghai, and also changed its name to Shanghai cosco huili football team, after they have promotion to an A the team as A champion, and then they also attract ShenSi later,Qi Hong and Fan Zhiyi and many other famous generals;In a time inside is also the limelight, in 02 years of the league opening game above, Xu Zexian unexpectedly with two million cash suitcase came to the locker room and said to the players: “there are two million yuan in this box, win shenhua bonus on the spot.”And Boss Xu also offered them the highest annual salary of 4 million yuan, and later Shensi and others were arrested because of match-fixing;At that time, Xu Zexian swore: “4 million are not satisfied, it is not as good as animals!”Therefore, Xu Jiayin is not the first owner of Jinyuan Football in China, but it is obvious that he is the one who pushes Jinyuan football to the top, and Evergrande is not only jinyuan football in Chinese Super League;Can say more like a “jinyuan bullying”, monopolized the domestic international with enough money, and make them control of the Chinese super league, and also control the Chinese football association, so it also makes the league teams of players configuration has lost its original judgment, we use line: “I’m sorry, money really can do whatever you want.”In 2015, CSL’s transfer spending exceeded 100 million euros, which quadrupled to 403 million euros two years later, nearly double that of the World’s second largest league, the English Premier League.On the one hand, the transfer spending is so high, on the other hand, the commercial development is also stagnant, and the arms race has not stopped;And the club quickly “borrow” from the parent company, and such a simple economic law when the bankruptcy is inevitable;And for Xu Jiayin’s football we also want to look from two aspects, from the objective point of view is actually both advantages and disadvantages, for the overall is actually more harm than good.The favorable points are that the arrival of a batch of high-level foreign aid did improve the level of THE Chinese Super League, and at the same time, fans were very willing to buy tickets to watch the games. By the time of 19, the average attendance rate of the Chinese Super League ranked sixth in the world.In that year, CFA put forward five goals at the admission meeting, among which one was “to make the CSL league the first in Asia and the sixth in the world through continuous efforts”.The high amount of investment has also won two Asian Champions League and eight Chinese Super League champions, making them the dominant player in Chinese football and Chinese football clubs the top of Asia for the first time. Moreover, the joining of one national team after another has fundamentally improved the original strength of Evergrande.And we said cons is jinyuan football destroyed the healthy development of Chinese football, waving jinyuan football, will bid up the price, and will also be a property bubble bubble to football, this is the domestic players value is serious to the appalling must point, operation cost is increased, and the football club for ball can only follow up a huge sum of money,The smaller ball, on the other hand, will linger on, and therefore cannot survive;So for soccer, it becomes a “cash burn”;What’s more, it has destroyed the normal development of Chinese football. The investment in football is seriously unbalanced, and the investment in the operation of men’s football is also huge. However, it only causes false prosperity, and it seems that the people who have been ill for a long time have exhausted their last vitality.And when the youth training or women’s football team is in urgent need of support, no one asks for it, so the situation of death by flood and thirst is also becoming more serious;So that the work of nearly jinyuan football also let many people forget how a real market, at that time many national fee for the transfer of players are also in the millions of euros, but in fact they are value is not the price, so in the past ten years including now has always been an Chinese football in a bubble;It can be said that they are like dominoes, and as they fall one by one, they eventually lead to the current plight of Chinese football, and the Chinese golden football in the bubble is only beautiful to look at.

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