I looked forward to Chinese New Year when I was a child, but now I dread it

Today is the north of the New Year, and I as a southern family in the north at the moment, is also a real northerner, but we southerners Chinese New Year is the day before the New Year, regardless of whether there is thirty, anyway is over the New Year, the New Year, and then on the first day of the Spring Festival.I don’t know if there are any people who have the same holiday as us.Remember when he was a child, looking forward to the Chinese New Year, because the Chinese New Year has new clothes, New Year’s Money, Chinese New Year can buy toys to play, Chinese New Year can see the usual partners.But once upon a time, I was more and more afraid of Chinese New Year. I can’t remember when I started to feel this way. This feeling is not sudden, but slowly formed like a frog boiled in clear water.Although there are so many Chinese New Year at least one can’t earn a lot of money to take the basic salary, still want to big consumption.Had received the New Year’s red envelope of elder sister and brother-in-law, now from already also graduated to work to start to send red envelope to nephews, of course, also including their children’s red envelope, this is the most basic and indispensable;On weekdays do not say to buy clothes, of course, as long as the clothes of big men can still wear, they will not think of buying new, I wear glasses for 6 years, at the end of last year, I planned to change, is another year has not changed;Usually buy a fruit what have to see the supermarket and market which cheap, and to the New Year a box of boxes to move home, never ask the price;On weekdays, all relatives’ birthday dinners, full moon dinners, housewarming dinners, schoolmates’ parties and so on will be crowded into the Spring Festival, because everyone has time to be lively during the Spring Festival.Therefore, we are afraid of the New Year may be afraid of spending money from the beginning, look forward to is in, now afraid of only out.There is fear of New Year is a New Year home, all don’t want to hear the question one after another will be directly or indirectly transmitted to the ear: and classmates reunion, “how much money this year?How much is the salary?Have you changed trains?I heard that so-and-so classmate bought a second suite.When visiting relatives, “Have you had a second child?When to have a second child?How many houses have you bought out?Has your salary gone up?”And so on;When walking on the quiet path in the village, “so-and-so’s child came back and gave birth to three babies.So-and-so daughter really fierce, just graduated the annual salary more than my son.The child of so-and-so family is now admitted to the civil service.The so-and-so kids are really good. I wish my kids were that good.”And so on;Imagine not hearing that at home, huh?”Son, when are you going to have a second child, so that your mother can still take care of you?Should I buy a house at home?Your cousin has bought three sets in Shenzhen.”And so on, I want to want to hear clean, or do not come back for Chinese New Year, no, or do not have years, it is good to go to work every day, although it is the surface of the concern, most is the competition.This is the fear of the Chinese New Year. In fact, it doesn’t matter what the comparison is, but it will put too much pressure on them to face every problem every New Year because they are afraid of losing their expectations for the whole year.I remember on December 31, 2021, I posted a message on my wechat moments: The first half of my life is over, and the second half begins with subtraction.Yes, people nearly 40, how young, and we are 40, where are our parents?Every Chinese New Year is a year when our parents leave us and get closer to us. Think of the first half of life as a “pure” son has ended, and the second half is to hold up and act as a real man with an old father and a young child, so it is inevitable to make subtraction in life.After all, it is not a drinking friend call to go out to drink, a friend treat to go, a colleague happy event to participate in…The role played in life is no longer young, often accompany is the longest feeling of filial piety, bi parents year by year, if there is no year, then only on weekdays to accompany and waiting for every day is year.Finally, because of the outbreak, also don’t know how many like me nearly three years did not go back home for the holiday, and every New Year’s day is a strange stranger than, at that time became a kind of hope, because in the side, the heart is at home, although in recent years, along with my parents in a foreign land, but not the flavor of hometown years, in fact, the old people although do not say, I believe that they are also looking forward to New Year’s day,Because they can legitimately say that they want to go home during the Spring Festival, but they have no time to go back to their hometown except to take care of their children. Which old people are not homesick?I hope the epidemic will pass quickly, so that every Chinese can go home as usual.Wish everyone and you a happy New Year in advance, tiger tiger living power!

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