What should be paid attention to when changing the front fan of Passat Passat in 2009?

I seem to be getting acquainted with passat recently, I just changed freon for a Passat yesterday, I remember at the end of last month, I still had a Passat passat in the shop, I changed the front fan, I took a lot of trouble, let’s see what happened.This Passat Passat Passat 2009 1.8T manual self-integrated premium version, launched in April 2009, the guide price is 215,800 yuan, the vehicle size is 4789x1765x1470mm, the wheelbase is 2803mm,Equipped with a 1.8T 163hp L4 turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 120kW, the drivetrain is matched with a 5-gear automatic transmission (AT).The owner said that in the process of the vehicle driving, the front machine cover inexplicably high temperature, and some time before the replacement of water pipes and antifreeze kettle, after a period of time, there is no problem, that is, in recent days, inexplicable high temperature.The initial suspicion of fault detection is that the gas in the tank or pipeline is not discharged clean when the antifreeze is changed. This situation is most likely to cause high temperature, which needs to be detected with professional tools.Another situation is that the cylinder pad is damaged, causing antifreeze to flow into the engine and mix in the oil. In this case, you only need to pull out the oil ruler, or see if there is a white mixture of oil and water in the kettle.After the inspection, the above two problems were not found. After the vehicle was ignited, the computer test data were normal, no matter the water temperature or the sensor had no problems.Finally is to wait until after the water temperature over 90 degrees, then look at the specific situation after the fan rotation, according to the normal case, when the water temperature to a certain temperature, the cooling fan will be rotating at the same time, and the car radiator fan, a turn, inspection on line, no problem, then finally concluded that the fan motor is damaged, replace a new fan.In fact, the fan is more troublesome to disassemble, need to remove the front bar first, and part of the water tank frame, and then the new fan installed, fire test, water temperature to a certain temperature, fan normal rotation, and temperature is not high, troubleshooting.Avoid pit guidelines are not completely remove the water tank framework to remove, because this thing after all off, the car need to change again antifreeze, the process for repair is more troublesome, for owners means that the cost is higher, so generally encountered this kind of situation, it is best to familiarize yourself to a repair shop repair, to avoid the pit.

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