What year is a chrysanthemum worth $1000 and a dime?Seemingly ordinary it worth collecting?

Before, in our local small supermarket, because the shopkeeper usually has a lot of change, he accumulated a lot of chrysanthemum 10 cents, the shopkeeper told me, I directly accepted 200 pieces.May be a lot of friends think, chrysanthemum 1 jiao is too common, chrysanthemum 1 jiao can earn money?Can such a common coin be collectible?01 The issue of Chrysanthemum 1 Horn, from 1991 to 2000, there are 10 years in total.There is a chrysanthemum on the front of it, the details are vivid and natural, the relief effect is particularly good, and then there is a word of 1 horn on the top of the chrysanthemum, so usually we call it chrysanthemum 1 horn, and its year is written on the back below.Since November 2016, banks have only accepted and not paid the chrysanthemum dijiao, which means that there will be less and less chrysanthemum dijiao in the market, and this also released a signal that chrysanthemum dijiao will be withdrawn from the market in the future.02 Years of high value I believe that many friends still have a lot of chrysanthemum coins at home, but also more concerned about their value.So in these years, which collection value will be more considerable?First of all, among the chrysanthemum dijiao, the year with the highest value is 2000, which is also the door-closing coin of the chrysanthemum dijiao.But friends first do not hurry to turn over their own home chrysanthemum 1 horn is not 2000 years, because the basic is not to find.In 2000, chrysanthemum 1 jiao, it is basically no circulation in the market, as a closing currency, the most important role is included in the commemorative album, issued to the international and domestic collection industry.As a result, its value is very high. Now it has exceeded 1000 yuan, which can be said to have a very considerable value.Except for 2000 chrysanthemum 10 cents, which is not in circulation, the other years should be found.Of these years, relatively few are 1999, 1994 and 1991, all with some degree of premium.If you can collect the chrysanthemum coins of these three years, or the original light coins, it is also very meaningful to collect them.You can go through your home and see if you have ’91,’ 94, ’99.As I recovered a total of 200 chrysanthemum 1 jiao this time, I picked out 42 coins with collection significance, including 20 coins in 1991, 10 coins in 1994 and 12 coins in 1999.The material of chrysanthemum 1 jiao is very special. It is made of aluminum. We all know that the coins later issued are relatively hard steel alloy.Aluminum coins, by contrast, are more difficult to preserve, leaving an imprint as soon as they are touched.But also because the material is soft, can more perfectly show the chrysanthemum pattern of high relief beauty.In terms of the exterior design, the interior has a nine-sided shape, which is more special than other coins with circular edges inside and outside, and this design can better set off the elegance of the chrysanthemum pattern.In size, the size of chrysanthemum 1 horn is larger than the same set of 5 horns, which is different from the idea that the size of the coin in general face value is larger, which can be regarded as an exception in the circulation of coins in Our country.Summary chrysanthemum 1 horn is not easy to preserve, in the previous circulation process is prone to wear and knock, friends in the collection to pay more attention to the pros and cons of the product, after all, an old and full of scars chrysanthemum 1 horn, collection value will be greatly discounted.Friends, do you have 10 cents chrysanthemum at home?Which year is it?Welcome to join us in the comments section!

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