Inside the three points like rain, China women’s basketball easily beat Nigeria, Li Meng Han Xu complement each other

Women’s World Cup qualifiers finally go to war, the Chinese women’s basketball team the first opponent is African champions Nigeria, rival, the overall strength is not bad, physical quality is especially outstanding, experienced women’s Asian cup and the national games, the Chinese women’s basketball team to replace the head coach, Zheng Wei instructs headed to replace li-min xu instruction, basic before continuing the first team, the team veteran Shao Ting continued absence,But Gao Song returned to the national team, the whole game China advantage is very obvious, both inside and outside good, is too love mistakes, and to the end of the quarter there were fluctuations, this is the old problem.First Li Mengsan points, outside the same while the iron is hot in Nigeria, both sides come up shots are a little slow, lee on your low back turned into directly, China passes in Nigeria to grasp back, lee month your basket bottom screw, small hook take two points, Wang Siyu steals to force the opponent error, Li Meng passing lost, Nigeria rebound shot points, Yang Liwei open 3 separate pieces,Li Meng converted into three points, 10 to 4, Kamara stopped two points to win, Huang Sijing basket bottom pick board into Nigeria, want to double, China hit very skilled, Li Yueru hit two again, Kamara to a walk, China 14 to 6.Laocoon kwong turnaround jumper, si-jing huang 3-pointers, Chinese hot pot plus three points in the rain, Li Meng feel is coming, beat Nigeria suspended directly, Laocoon kwong hit the ball back from lee on your hand, you directly in the basket back to lee month return 2 + 1, Laocoon kwong is active, ru a foul play lee month, li month your points in the bottom of a basket, Nigeria is no way,At the end of the quarter, China made several fouls, especially Huang Sijing, Wu Tongtong missed a layup by Nigeria, Zhang Ru stepped wrong, Li Yueru missed the basket, fortunately caused a free throw, four seconds later, Zhang Ru sent a free throw, Li Yueru missed a layup at the buzzer, China led 29-14.Lee month you didn’t end time section, the results were hit 2, cheetos, two points to get, Pan Zhen march outside space grasp, camara three points also to color, li month you blown offensive foul, three made China’s backcourt rebound lost too much, han cic stop-loss, Nigeria play han a, low Pan Zhen march misses, Li Meng stealing the ball up, lee yuan ginobli han layup,Nigeria’s shooting came back and the women’s basketball team needed to be more calm. The second unit played badly, especially Pan Zhenqi, and Han Xu made a free throw to make it 27-36.Three points in Hong Kong, lee results for space into, more high praise counterattack assists han, the basket bottom and Nigeria to grasp opportunities, han high distance too steady, Chinese defense time section, too many mistakes and fouls, lee ginobli high praise easily put a basket, Nigeria a variety of free throws, Li Meng unambiguous, three directly into, China is very interesting,Always put Nigeria misposition hit themselves, Han Xu was always called out, Li Meng fired on all cylinders, hit two consecutive 3-pointers, Eronu single buzzer, at the end of the half, China 54 to 36 Nigeria, Li Meng has got 15 points.Third quarter han is exalted skyer, cic, easily Wang Siyu one-stop an empty basket, a bit embarrassed, si-jing huang also three made erro Mr Scram cic, Pan Zhen march the bottom of the basket is leakage, Nigeria finally caught an offensive foul, han cic quasi than free throws, which is able to into, erro’s on line two, han to the three-point line can be hollow, han pass,Nigeria counterattack also lost, Wang Siyu hand hand feeding Pan Zhenqi, Nigeria just after half time, Wang Siyu face to face steal layup, Nigeria a little anxious, three ball, China hold 25 points advantage.Wang Siyu passing was broken, Laocoon kwong layup, Li Meng 3-pointers silent half after hit again, China’s 3-pointer opened it would be nice to play much, lee three points also to, is taking a little hurt, Jin Weina the pro-hop score,, Bosch for scoring, si-jing huang also don’t hesitate to throw three points hits, han passing was broken, Nigeria is also a walking, han is a little bit tired,Okonkovo had an airball, and after three quarters, China pulled away 79-52.Details played a dozen two hard hit, o Zhang Ru storm damage, Laocoon kwong jumper score, three have, cannot relax, lee on your back scoring, camara and catch a chase, China didn’t, or you are looking for li month this advantage, Jin Weina passing to opponent, camara take three points, suspended Zheng Wei instruction, back si-jing huang fouls again, you also miss lee month,However, Wu Tongtong interfered okonkovo’s counter-attack, Li Meng held the ball and stepped on the line, China was a little loose, Li Yueru walked, Akapana forced 2+1, Nigeria came back to 18 points.High praise three-point shot, Li Mengkong basket also not line, cheetos, three points again, Wang Siyu points high praise put a basket, three points before the buzzer playing no suspense, cheetos play lee on your back, you make mistakes again, li month in double musa finally scored four points, finally left, Nigeria, the only 90-76 in China, China’s overall advantage or visible to the naked eye, three points under the rain,Inside, Nigeria could not defend both inside and outside, but China needed to control its mistakes and fouls, such as 17 turnovers in the whole game, Li Meng and Li Yueru both scored 19 points, Han Xu also had 15 points.

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