Allusion: Wu She

Allusion: Wu She Homology allusion: one room pan Wu, such as gua niu Wu, lu Wu shu shu, snail living alone, snail house wu sell bu Ju in The Annals of The Three Kingdoms, Volume 11 < The Book of Wei · Guan Ning biography hu Zhao > ~ 363 ~ Pei Songzhi in the Southern Song Dynasty quoted the Book of Wei Liue:”At the end of the first word filial piety. In flat, pepper thief. When the first 20 years, with county Hou Wuyang along. Wu Yang in small, have a mother, with supporting mutually, pepper, yangzhou east guest take wives. Sussing out early to west also, Wu Yangyi sun of households, to leave first shan. To 16 years, the guanzhong. First lost family members, between jumped in the river alone, herbivorous water, without clothing.When Dayang long Zhu Nanwang see, that is dead, to send ships to capture.”How crazy!”Then note its. Lin, 5 litres. After the disease, many of the dead, county make buried, child of digital are easily. However, the adults don’t practice evil diameter, will follow buildings; and its Jun pick up, don’t take big; hunger serious food, cold clothes, knot grass thought petticoats, division head ACTS Xian. Each out, see the woman blurs, must go out. Since a melon NiuLu, sweep clean. Camp wood for bed, cloth grass Ru on it.”Pei Song’s case “Wei Lue” said: “Jiao Xian and Yang Pei made gualu cottage to stop it. They thought melon as snail; snail and snail with horns are also common or called huangdu. First they made Huanshe, shaped like snail, so it was called snail cottage.”Ancient and Modern Notes” volume < fish insect > snail, ling snail also.Like 螔 slugs, its shell is like a small snail, and its heat hangs from its leaves.Savage knot round house, such as snail shell, so called snail house, also called snail house.Volute wan Zhuan articles, twisted to knot, like snail shell text, called snail 䌸.Child hair, also for the bun, also known as its shape like a shell.With the “snail house”, the metaphor of humble and narrow house.Often used modestly to refer to one’s dwelling place.Jin Cui Bao, Notes on Fish and Insects: “Snail……The shell is like a small snail, and the heat is hanging from the leaf.Savage knot round house, such as snail shell, so called snail house.”Tang Li Shangyin “self-satisfaction” poem: “self-satisfaction snail house, compatible swallow nest.Author poem chu sizong gu smoke cochlear house, flying heron under the fishing beam.Li Shangyin likes snail house, compatible swallow nest.Yang Juyuan escape habitat snail house, because of the awakening of the vermin hairpin.Quan Deyu and Hu reflected pinghu, a romantic infatuation.Bai Juyi out of fusang jujube rod, lying snail lu.Dou Chang Cochshe xi spring dream, falcon 旟 line zhangjiang Qing.Qian Qi wild old pick wei xia, cochlear recruit guests secluded.Qian Qi can wind manor find cochlear house, regardless of yao Hua reported peach.

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