Fighting against the epidemic, Chunhui public welfare and love

The Spring Festival of 2022 was supposed to be a happy time for family reunion.However, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in our county has disrupted the pace of life of people in the old city.Fighting the epidemic is everyone’s responsibility!In the face of the sudden outbreak, the city county chunhui volunteers association to respond in the first place, in the county party committee county government under the leadership of the communist youth league city actively called for the county, city county chunhui volunteers association of the volunteers have been added to the communities and villages and towns “fight disease control and prevention” team, help communities, towns and townships and the adherence to “prevention” door together, to protect the health of the people of the county.With the Spring Festival approaching, the flow of personnel is large. Cui Jiyuan, president of Chunhui Volunteer Association of Gucheng County, called on volunteers to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work nearby.When COVID-19 cases broke out, President Cui Jiyuan, with a high sensitivity, timely adjusted the epidemic prevention and control work of volunteers, rationally arranged volunteer activities, and actively coordinated with the County Committee of the Youth League to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control of the county, and established a solid prevention and control barrier for the epidemic prevention and control work.Due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 cases during the sensitive Period of the Spring Festival, many people returned home.Chunhui Volunteers Association based on the actual situation, to the majority of volunteers issued a “concerted anti-epidemic, voluntary peer” initiative, called on the public to join the volunteer team, for the county epidemic prevention and control work to contribute their own strength.Through the initiative, the county’s citizens and college students actively join the epidemic prevention and control work.As of February 3, 116 volunteers had participated in the epidemic prevention and control, with a total of 878 people taking part in the volunteer work for 5,545 hours.Volunteers and community and village staff are on duty at epidemic prevention and control sites, and there is no carelessness in visit registration and temperature measurement.Some volunteers also take the initiative to act as “building intelligence officers” and actively report the information of tenants in the building to grid members so that the neighborhood committee can check in time.Volunteers should strictly follow the requirements of the county party Committee and the county government as well as the county headquarters for epidemic prevention and control, including their relatives and friends, to ensure that no blind spots are missed in epidemic prevention and control.Volunteer Sun Lei on duty in the community, his friends want to go out, Sun Lei will take the initiative to tell him about the epidemic prevention and control requirements, a friend is not happy, feel Sun Lei is not mean, people go out and do not let out.In order to let his friend understand the importance of epidemic prevention and control, Sun Lei patiently explained relevant policies and serious consequences to him. After hearing this, his friend not only understood the seriousness of community prevention and control, but also volunteered to participate in epidemic prevention and control.Gathering is a mass of fire, scattered as the sky stars.The outbreak in the prevention and control work, the city county chunhui volunteer association of volunteers, volunteers listen to county youth corps committee, obey the arrangement from community and township party committee, with their practical action to show the great love of the city county chunhui volunteer association, every volunteer and volunteer is a star in the night sky, polished shine on epidemic prevention and control of the post.

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