Luozhuang district offline and online digital anti-epidemic

On the morning of March 29, Mr. Wang came to luozhuang District Government Service Center. Under the guidance of the staff, he automatically showed the “health code” and nucleic acid test information by scanning the code. At the same time, he realized the “one-code joint inspection” and completed the transformation from paper registration to electronic registration of visitors.Relying on the “Love Shandong” mobile government service platform, Luozhuang District has set up a visitor registration system for epidemic prevention and control in Luozhuang, completing the transformation from paper registration to electronic registration, and from passive tracing to precise search.People can register with their real names by scanning the code in various ways, such as Shandong, wechat and Alipay mini program, and the system will automatically jump to the “health code”.Through the system’s jump, not only shorten the code highlighting, registration time, solve the original offline manual records of low recognition, personal information can not be effectively verified and other problems, but also reduce the close contact “a pen” registration caused by cross infection and other problems, effectively cut off the spread of the epidemic.At the same time, the registration information will be automatically archived after people scan the code for registration. Once there is a case of close contact, they only need to retrieve the registered information data to quickly identify the visit time, location and other major information of relevant people, providing scientific and efficient data support for epidemic prevention and control and accurate source tracing.Under the premise of precise epidemic prevention and control, Luozhuang District actively promoted the “Love Shandong” mobile government service platform, arranged special personnel at the entrance to remind and guide the masses to use “Love Shandong”, advocated the “hand-held office” and “online office” of government services, and improved public awareness and attention.At the same time, detailed introduction of “love Shandong” electronic license, service services, do inquiries, social security inquiries, provident fund inquiries and other matters of function, so that the masses of enterprises less errand, zero errand, and gradually realize the home do things.At present, the visitor registration system has been in trial operation in luozhuang District government service center and 8 street and town convenience service centers, with a total of 5,865 registered visitors. In the next step, when the function is further improved, Luozhuang District will promote the use of key supermarkets, tourist attractions, hotels and other public places in the district, to achieve online and offline synchronization of epidemic prevention.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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