The exhibition and exchange activities of high-quality development and reform and innovation projects in basic education were held

To promote the high-quality development of basic education is related to the implementation of the “double reduction” requirement, and to ensure that the overall situation of education satisfies the people.Recently, the Municipal Bureau of Education organized to carry out basic education high-quality development and reform and innovation project exhibition and exchange activities.Members in charge of the municipal Education Bureau, persons in charge of basic education, preschool education, family education, and Education center, as well as persons in charge of education and Sports bureau of each county or city, high-tech branch, Binhai branch, Xiashan Branch of the Municipal Education Bureau, directly subordinate units and schools, and persons in charge of departments attended the meeting.Each county and urban area independently selected three aspects to carry out the “double reduction”, education to strengthen the town foundation action, deepen curriculum reform, improve classroom teaching, strengthen physical education aesthetic education, innovation in family education, science linking kindergarten and primary school, standardize the development of private compulsory education and so on.The show highlights the practice, highlights, highlights characteristics, fully demonstrated the city’s basic education reform and innovation of the fruits, the on-site judges praise.About the next steps to promote the development of basic education quality, meeting requirements, to the “forefront of world science and technology, economic main battlefield and the national major requirements, geared to the needs of people’s life and health” talents cultivation direction, find work orientation, adhere to the “higher goals, problem to be clear, path, characteristic of firm to light, the bottom line to prison and work to” standard,Focus on “reform and innovation, basic education to benefit the people, standardize school running, brand building, team building” to promote work.To promote the compulsory education equalization, high school education characteristic, colorful, rural education, the urban education of refinement, the moral education work, life and school education negative light labor education courses, the school education integrated themed, special education, students’ growth school integration, school management culture, family, social produced, co-ordinated,We will strive to establish a system for educating people in an all-round way that promotes moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and labor development, realize high-quality development of basic education, and strive to provide education that satisfies the people.

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