“We will be old to 009 | every day have to face a world does not know what will happen

Wednesday, Fuzhou, Yin last night was the first night in hospital.At first I lay in a daze, then I couldn’t sleep at all.I set the alarm clock at 1:00 and 4:00 in the morning to check my father’s urination, so THAT I might fall asleep.Neither alarm went off because I didn’t sleep.At night, the inpatient department is not very quiet. One is the sound of various machines, and the other is the occasional groan of patients.Looks like dad slept all right.When you can sleep, you have strength. You can recover.5 o ‘clock to see dad woke up, asked dad to drink water.Dad said no. Blood needs to be drawn in the morning.Dad’s still sober.Around six o ‘clock, the nurses and nurses began to work.The nurse came to draw blood.Dad was so thirsty that he could finally drink.The nurse gave me two different colored tubes and told me to take two different urine samples for Dad.Big sister to bring food, can not come.Security checks escort cards and won’t let him in.I’ll go down and get it.There was a young man with a suitcase in the elevator, probably coming to see his parents as soon as he got off the plane.Let big sister to buy a few bottles of mineral water, dad drink boiled water, need mineral water to be more convenient.Let mom and Dad video.Doctor patrol said to dad in urology department has nothing to do, at present is to take medicine, after a week or two depending on the situation and decide how to follow-up, so in the hospital didn’t make much sense, but because dad have caused by osteoporosis fracture, orthopaedic treatment there is, so to see if the orthopaedic check what needs to be done or treatment, arranged as soon as possible, otherwise will have a holiday.Contact your orthopedic surgeon.Orthopedic asked for two blood markers.He mentioned a new name for the disease, which made me a little worried.Looked it up, and it seemed like dad had a lot of symptoms.Inform the urologist of the two indicators required by the orthopaedic surgeon.The doctor said it was all in today’s blood tests.When I asked, the lab results weren’t back.Nearly 10 o ‘clock, dad said today the back of the feeling like better, he has to get up (hospitalized has been in bed).Help dad up and sit in the chair.He wanted to see how long he could sit.It would have hurt to sit for about five minutes, but let’s see if we can break through today.Unexpectedly dad sat for 50 minutes or so, and there was no pain or discomfort.A major breakthrough.Found dad’s bed wet.Let the nurse do it.The nurse sent me to buy a nursing pad.It’s in the vending machine downstairs in admissions.I had asked my brother-in-law to replace me after lunch, but I wanted to go home this afternoon and have a bath and a rest.My big brother-in-law arrived before noon and told me to go home and spend some time with my family.This matter let clear wen very touched, has been lamenting big brother-in-law this person good good, simple very, not rhetoric, but do things so will think for others.In fact, he just came back from a business trip is also very hard.Big sister is an honest person, looking for an honest person.Let the big brother-in-law accompany dad, tell me to send the blood test results when they come out, I want to send to the orthopedic surgeon.Then I go home.I ate lunch at home, took a shower, rested for a while, and still didn’t fall asleep.When I was home, my brother-in-law sent me the results of the blood tests.The orthopaedics only had one indicator, and the other one wasn’t on the lab sheet.Have them retest it.My brother-in-law told me to go back to the hospital tonight.Worried, I made yams paste for dad and went back to the hospital before dinner.Tell the big brother to go back.My brother-in-law said that he helped dad walk around the ward several times in the afternoon and felt that dad was in good condition today.We got both blood indicators back.Send it to the orthopedic surgeon, tell me it’s normal.You can go home and take your meds. Told me what I need to keep taking.Dad himself feel neither pain nor distension, these two days obviously much better, can sit for a long time, want to go home.It’s Chinese New Year, and I can’t sleep well in the hospital.In that case, let’s go through the discharge formalities tomorrow.Watch for another night.On Thursday, Fuzhou, Yin slept for about two hours last night.Woke up around 2 a.m. and hasn’t been able to sleep since.The patient in the next bed, aged about 70, slipped his catheter while going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and called the nurse.The nurse woke up the doctor on duty.Two doctors came.Toss for a long time.Re-intubated, the old man screamed in pain.The old man continued to moan after the doctor had gone.Pretty pathetic.During the day his daughter came to see him and accompany him to tests, and at night he was alone.When the doctor came for inspection this morning, he told the doctor that he would be discharged today.Because the blood tests the orthopedic doctor needed were checked yesterday. Normal.The big brother-in-law brought dad breakfast.Go downstairs and get it.Dad eats.Go through discharge formalities.Big brother-in-law picked up Xiwen to the hospital to help.Clear wen accompanied dad, I to the first floor to pay fees, to the service center to print the list.Ask the nurse how to change the diversion bag.Bought a few diversion bags for use.Call for wheelchair services.After 20 minutes of waiting, wheelchair services are doing good business.Free for patients in the hospital.The quilts and pillows I brought to the hospital for the night mom wouldn’t let me take home.Ask the nurse. She says you can leave it with the nurse.The big brother-in-law came to pick up dad.It’s not a traffic jam today.Got home.For lunch.Lunch break.To buy medicine.One of the three medications the orthopedic doctor said was out of three stores.The third store, also a chain store, said they had stock at their other store, and they could bring it over tonight if I could pick it up tomorrow.I said yes.Put down a deposit. Pick it up tomorrow.Go to the supermarket to buy milk, fruit.Go home.Do fruit juice.Do the rice paste.For dinner.Give dad medicine after dinner.Go for a walk with Xiwen.Sigh life is hard.Old people, all kinds of function degradation, all kinds of helpless.No matter how powerful a man may be all his life, aging is the same.Go home.Accept clothes.Do your homework.Give dad his medicine, scrub his body, wash his feet, apply his medicine.Put dad to bed.It’s almost 11:00. Just a quick note about today.On Friday, Fuzhou, Yin I told Xiwen, the so-called observation, is to observe yourself, be aware of yourself.This is for self-reflection, not for observation and awareness of others.Everyone in the world is always looking at others, perceiving others, finding fault with others, and that doesn’t require training.Everyone is very good at criticizing others, saying good things about themselves and bad things about others.To view is to look inside, to observe their own thoughts, find their own faults, for their own growth.This is not a normal human condition. It requires training.Do a little morning class.Give dad that pill a week.Eat standing up. Keep your upper body upright for at least half an hour after eating. Do not lie down.Do the rice paste.Do a little morning class.Clear wen have mood, oneself went out.Went to the supermarket to buy food, to jiangbin Park to look for her.Take Xiwen out for lunch.Stores near the supermarket are closed, home for the New Year.Go to the Cultural innovation Park.A few shops are still open.Went into a pizza parlor.I haven’t had pizza in a long time.There are three tables and only one assistant is busy. It takes a long time.But the pizza is good.Xiwen washed dad’s hair and face, and I helped him.Clear wen has done volunteer work to nursing home, know how to wash hair for the old man.You can wash it sitting down.In the evening settled good old dad mom to eat, let dad eat medicine, take Clear wen to eat oyster.I also ordered a hot and sour soup.They’re all delicious.After dinner in the mall to buy shoes, Xiwen needs a pair of walking.Xiwen said that shoes in Fuzhou are cheap, good-looking and comfortable to wear, I didn’t expect to be so cheap.Probably because Fujian is a shoe production base.★20220129 Saturday, Fuzhou, Yin morning to dad to make yam paste.Do fruit juice.Nap, can’t sleep.Boil milk and eggs for dad.Dad pooped on his pants again.Wash dad’s clothes.In the afternoon, dad felt uncomfortable and bloated.I think it’s from that pill I took yesterday.I took those pills last week, and dad was bloated too.Some worry about the Chinese New Year.Always insecure.Go for a walk with Xiwen after dinner.Xiwen said if old daddy old mama do not have me, only two daughters will how?My generation usually has only one child, and life when we get old will be very serious.Big sister and big brother-in-law came to see dad.The day after tomorrow, they are going back to their big brother-in-law’s parents for Chinese New Year.Clear wen gave dad hot yam paste to eat.At about 9 o ‘clock in the evening, dad took medicine, wiped his body, washed his feet and applied medicine.Because dad in the afternoon and uncomfortable feeling, afraid he can not sit for a long time, today’s action to speed up, wipe the body, wash feet are a little simpler.Always a little uneasy.★20220130 Sunday, Fuzhou, cloudy wake up more than 3 o ‘clock, to see dad.I didn’t even pee.See dad is awake, ask dad will be uncomfortable, say ok.Dad drank the water in the thermos.I went to get another drink.But the lack of urination left me hanging.At that time also can’t think why, had to return to the room first.But I couldn’t sleep.By six o ‘clock or so, it was still dark, but the birds began to sing.Get out of bed.Go see dad.Open the door. Dad is sitting.Your pants are wet.The bed was all wet.It turned out to be a leak.No wonder there’s no urine in the bag.Let’s just change dad’s pants.I don’t know what went wrong with the catheter bag, but I bought several spare ones when I left the hospital.Asked dad if he could sit for a while, afraid of his swelling, uncomfortable.Dad said yes.Put dad in the chair.Take everything off the bed into the hall.Fortunately, the two mattresses were separated and the bed boards were not wet.Rummaging around for clean bedding.The electric blanket is wet.Go to my room and get my old electric blanket. I don’t need one.Put on new sheets, put on pillows, and let dad lie down in case he can’t sit down for long.Tuck dad in.After busy, already past 7:30.Most of the morning class time is gone.I have to cut most of them out.I can’t help it. Time is a conflict.Mom gets up.Talk about dad.Mom sighed for a long time.I said that clear wen also said yesterday, if there is only a daughter without a son, dad like this do not know how to do.Take dad’s clothes and soak them.Made dad a bowl of eggs and milk.Xiwen began to have signs of cold yesterday and her nose has been running.I made her a bowl of ginger and brown sugar water.It’s past eight o ‘clock.Do the rice paste.Wait for half an hour, go back to your room and do some homework.Miss Shi came to see dad.I was in my room doing my homework.Miss Shi is a few years older than dad. She works in the teaching and research department.He doesn’t sound bad.When I finished my morning class, Miss Shi had already left.Xiwen said she made tea and gave it to Teacher Shi.Shi teacher do not know her, mom said that this is a daughter-in-law.Miss Shi said it was good.”Do you know how to read faces?” asked Xiwen.Shi teacher said, that of course, I 80 several, have seen a lot of people, a look to know people good or not.I had breakfast.Do dad’s laundry.Make yams paste for dad.There’s no time to go grocery shopping.Do lunch.To eat.Lunch break.Couldn’t sleep. Got up to make juice for dad.And Xiwen go to the supermarket to buy vegetables.Clear wen said her mother told her to buy rice for her in-laws, add grain zengshou.Bought vegetables to carry home first, and immediately went out to buy spring and flowers.The begonia that clear wen chooses looks very good, for the bodhisattva of view sound.Xiwen also bought his father potted flowers.Dad’s room feels so much better.Plants are healing.The daffodil I ordered a few days ago, but I haven’t had time to get it. It’s still in the delivery box.Xiwen took it out today.Clear wen said narcissus all can’t hold back, emit bud.Evening clear wen said she felt very good at cooking, because saw a night of cooking video.She wants me to help her tomorrow. I’ll do whatever she wants. I don’t know what it’ll be like.Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.The Chinese New Year is coming soon, but I am not worried about the Chinese New Year.I feel like I’ve been practicing for years.When you’re sick, you can feel at ease.But dad’s sick, and it makes me uneasy.Having to face a world every day with no idea what’s going to happen.

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