Dongsheng district party history study education summary meeting held

On January 24, dongsheng district party history study education summary meeting was held.Thoroughly study and implement the important discussion spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on party history study and education, conscientiously implement the spirit of the Central, autonomous region and municipal Party history study and education summary meeting, summarize the results of Party history study and education in our district, and make arrangements for further consolidating and expanding Party history study and education.Party organizations at all levels and party members and cadres at all levels in dongsheng shall be guided to better draw wisdom and strength from the great achievements and historical experience of the Party’s century-old struggle, and strive for the construction of “Four Demonstration zones” in Dongsheng with a strong spirit of historical initiative to advance on a new journey and contribute to a new era.District party secretary, district party history study education leading group leader Gao Yidong attended the meeting and spoke.Han Tao, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee and district governor, Ji Ping, director of the Standing Committee of the District People’s Congress, Han Yaoting, chairman of the District CPPCC, and leaders of the four major groups of the district attended the meeting, and Fu Jianqi, leader of the first tour steering group of the Municipal Party history study and education, attended the meeting.Han Tao chaired the meeting.Gao Yidong develop study education points out that the history of the party, the municipal party committee party history study education tour first steering group under the guidance of a powerful, dongsheng district, resolutely carry political responsibility, stick to learn history understanding, history of credit, learn chong-de shi, practice request, well versed in advancing the study history of the party, the enlightenment thought, does the practical work, open a new bureau, in the more than 800 party organization coordination,More than 17,000 Party members were actively involved, and the general public enthusiastically participated in the study and education of party history in the district with vivid, solid and in-depth results.Through learning and education, the whole district has been a comprehensive and profound political education, ideological quenching, spiritual baptism, historical confidence is greatly enhanced, the vitality of the Party organization fighting capacity is further enhanced, and effectively achieve the purpose of learning party history, understanding ideas, doing practical work, and opening a new bureau.Gao Yidong study party history education is a long-term task, party organizations at all levels and the broad masses of party members and cadres to take history as a mirror, create the future, the party history education as a lifelong learning subject, according to the mechanism of the CPC Central Committee about establish a system to carry out long-term deployment requirements, give prominence to the study and implement the party’s spirit of the sixth plenary session of the 19th this key,Continue to study the history of the Party, deeply understand the history of the Party, make better use of the history of the Party, promote the study of the History of the Party, understand the thinking, do practical work, open new bureau constantly achieve new and greater results.We must always uphold political guidance and uphold the “two establishment” with a firmer political attitude.We should always take theories as the lead and strengthen our confidence in history with a higher degree of historical awareness.We must always put the people first and take more practical measures to fulfill our purpose.To always adhere to the responsibility, with a better work style to implement the goals and tasks;We must always carry out self-reform and comprehensively govern the Party with stricter requirements.We should continue to consolidate and expand the achievements of party history study and education, and transform the enthusiasm and fighting spirit glowing out of Party history study and education into an inexhaustible driving force for overcoming difficulties and undertaking undertakings. We should keep our head down and work hard, move forward with courage and perseverance, and constantly promote the high-quality development of Dongsheng to achieve new results.Han Tao stressed in the party organizations at all levels should be combined with the actual, according to the central, the autonomous region party committee, municipal party committee and the district party committee’s deployment requirements, to further strengthen the ideological understanding, and support from the established “two”, strengthen the consciousness of “four”, firmly “four confidence”, achieve the political height of the “two maintenance”, the history of the party earnestly summarize and consolidate learning education system promotion work,To truly transform the strong spiritual strength inspired by learning and education into practical actions to overcome difficulties and work and start businesses, go all out to promote the construction of peace, happiness, living and work in the East, and welcome the 20th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements.FuJianQi fully affirmed the party history study education development of our results, hope dongsheng area continue to consolidate the development history of the party to study education achievement, continue to put the party history learning education result into strong kinetic energy create a new situation work, efforts to achieve “good start” all work and complete for each goal task, can contribute to the city’s economic and social development,Take concrete actions to welcome the opening of the party’s 20th Great Victory.District related department heads attend the meeting.(Reporter: Hao Jing du Yuan Hou Zhijin) Recommend reading watch live!The 2022 Dongsheng Spring Festival Gala is here!Tunnel!Right here!Blockbuster!Dongsheng boarded CCTV live!This time because……
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