Feixi county sent town: people frequently spring to early greenhouse farming busy

At the beginning of the New Year, into the town of Feixi County, qianjin village even greenhouses, strong smell of vegetables, eyes full of green and busy villagers present a scene of diligent early spring, give a person with a high sense of vitality.At present, the cilantro in the vegetable greenhouses of Qianjin Village is on the market in large quantities. Wu Ziping, a villager, is busy picking fresh cilantro with her workers.”Vegetables can not rest, grow up must be picked as soon as possible, plant a crop, can not miss the season.”On the ninth day of the first month of the Lunar New Year, Wu Ziping went out to work. She picked vegetables in the vegetable shed every day. She earned by the hour and earned 80 yuan a day easily.”Spring is coming. Farmers must be working.”During the Spring Festival, cilantro has been selling well in the market, and the price is good, at present, five cilantro greenhouses in Qianjin Village, can supply about 4000 pounds to the market every day.”We are a contract farm, and our sales are in short supply.”Hefei advance agricultural science and technology development Limited company in charge of Zhu Zhengcang said.In greenhouses was it is understood that the company currently has 300 Chinese acres, glass shed 60 acres, the main production of hefei area in green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits, by last year’s “turn up” on the implementation of project, the huts are modern facilities, realized the mechanization of operations, now only wait for the end of season seasonal vegetables, will be the next crop planting fruits and vegetables in season.At present, greenhouses are listed in addition to coriander vegetables, spinach, green vegetables, cauliflower and other seasonal vegetables.”We have a very high index of multiple planting in our greenhouses. We can harvest the cilantro in about two days, then we can plant the gherkins vertically to make sure they are ready for market in May, and then we can plant the other ones, so that we have a constant supply of vegetables all year round and the yield is naturally high.”Zhu zhengcang said.In the past two years, Zhu zhengcang’s vegetable greenhouses have made good profits. The company has not only made money, but also helped many local villagers find jobs. This year, he is even more energetic.”We will continue to do as always, explore the market and run the greenhouses well.”After more than 30 years of deep farming, Zhu Zhengcang also summed up a set of his own survival rules: “Farming, in addition to technology and capital, we should be diligent and persistent, and make money and lose money, so that dynamic balance can be maintained for a long time.(Liu Cheng Lu Yan an)

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