Jiangsu: when her parents didn’t notice, she shaved half of her hair. Mother: She was so angry that she wanted to cry

Children are clever and strange, so that sometimes adults will be helpless, children’s nature, there are not too many worldly shackles, in their cognition, as long as they can have fun, even most of the time they do not care about whether their parents will be angry.It is said that children are angels sent from Heaven, can bring parents a lot of unexpected warmth and surprise, but often in the process of raising children, in addition to warmth and surprise, sometimes also feel helpless and frightened.However, no matter how old or young the children are, no matter what they do, they have to bear it in silence. Who let the children belong to their own family?A little girl, playing at home in Jiangsu Province while her father was at work and her mother was not paying attention while cooking, took the shaver and pushed it against her head, transforming herself into “Beye”.After she finished the first push, she thought it was funny and pushed her head twice. At this time, her mother was still cooking in the kitchen. She heard the little girl laughing and making noises.This look, the mother directly froze in situ, dumbfounded at the little girl.But the little girl did not realize that she had done wrong, but also in a proud look at her mother, and then giggled, his eyes looked at her mother.The mother looked at the girl’s hair and styling, then back at the father, who was still busy at work. She threw her arms around the little girl and stroked her hair.The mother was angry with the little girl and wanted to cry, but could not bear to reprimand the little girl, so she helplessly said, “I see you have not realized the seriousness.”The mother was so angry that she wanted to cry. The mother called the father and asked him to take the girl to the barber shop to see if he could make it up to her. The girl looked “funny”, the father heard the mother say, so he took the child out to the barber shop.Don’t let the girl look in the mirror for fear of seeing her look collapse.It’s fun to film it and show it to her when she’s older.Others joked that their children used to do the same kind of unexpected things when they were young, once shaving their own eyebrows.To me, the mother seemed to be a very loving and intellectual woman. Although she was at her wit’s end by the child’s unintentional behavior, she was so angry that she wanted to cry, but she did not lose her temper with the child, nor did she scold the child.The mother must have been a bit crushed inside, but she was amused by such a cute daughter’s quirky behavior.Some of the child’s actions are nature, sometimes whim, that the child is in their own practice, their own brain thinking about things.When children do something that adults can’t understand, we as parents should be more rational.This little girl is also a very cute baby, such a cute and funny baby, who can not feel distressed?Everyone said, how did this mother do?

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