Thousands of patrol technology to obtain tens of millions of financing, why the capital bullish inspection robot?

With the advent of the Internet of everything, the demand for data centers is becoming more and more eager.In addition, the continuous emergence of 5G, edge computing, Internet of Things, AI and other new technologies, as the focus of new infrastructure, the construction of data center has become the focus in recent years.Ma Long, chief investment officer of 91Wutong Capital, said, “Currently, data center construction is the focus of new infrastructure, and the robotics industry will enter a new explosion period.From an investment perspective, the global market as a whole is still growing rapidly, and service robots will usher in a golden age of development.”Recently, Qianxun technology announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan of pre-A round of financing, this round of financing led by Xintian Venture capital, seven Sea capital with investment.Wang Huaiqing, founder of Qianxun Technology, said this round of financing will be used for marketing channel expansion, product research and development, team expansion and other business aspects.In fact, before this, Qianxun technology respectively in 2019 to obtain 10 million yuan seed round financing, in July 2021, plum Blossom venture capital led the investment of tens of millions of yuan angel round financing.At present, there are many transformer substation inspection robot enterprises, which are basically divided into regions, but the overall development stage of each enterprise is very different.Many enterprises have basically completed the B round of financing and are in the C stage, but some enterprises are still around the A round of financing, and there is A certain gap with the head enterprises.This time, Qianxun technology has won the favor of capital, which can also show that capital and market are still optimistic about the future potential of data center and inspection robot.Qianxun Technology, founded in 2018, is a technology enterprise that focuses on the research and development of mobile robots, AI detection algorithms and digital applications.Based on the requirements of patrol and inspection scenarios, it provides products and solutions for production safety supervision and asset health management by using hardware and software products such as inspection robots, industry application systems, and terminal operating systems.At present, the main related products of Qianxun technology are landed in hardware and solutions.The solution mainly focuses on the power system, creating three intelligent inspection centers, namely IOT, AI intelligent computing and BI data exploration, and system products such as inspection system cloud platform and terminal operating system to ensure the normal operation of power system inspection and data collection.According to reports, at present, qianxun technology has formed a digital twin substation system, police patrol system two vertical industry complete solution.Wang Huaiqing, founder of Qianxun Technology, said, “At present, we are the only enterprise in the industry to achieve a breakthrough in the inspection robot architecture technology.Thousand patrol technology this technological breakthrough, the robot inspection efficiency increased 5-10 times.It has increased from more than 100 points per hour to 500-1,000 points now.”In terms of hardware, Qianxun technology has assembled three kinds of inspection robot products: outdoor inspection robot R2R4, indoor inspection robot R3R2 and composite inspection robot P2R4-J. Different types of inspection robot can carry out relevant operations in different scenarios.For example, indoor inspection robot R3R2 is equipped with a lifting platform, which is suitable for indoor inspection scenes such as power distribution room and computer room.The composite inspection robot P2R4-J is equipped with a mechanical arm, which is more suitable for depth detection in complex environment.Qian Xun technology said, “at the beginning of the establishment of the company, founder Wang Huaiqing set the goal is to” do robot patrol industry head company.”Now, after more than three years of development, Ms. Wang said she would delete the word “do.”Because he believes that in the second half of 2022, Qianxun technology will become the leading company in this field.”Today, Qianxun technology’s power inspection solutions have been implemented in many substations, and the detection rate of equipment is close to 100%. Moreover, it is also actively expanding multiple application scenarios such as urban security.In terms of the landing of products, Qianxun technology said that the inspection robot has been OEM production, and is considering to build their own production base, it is expected to land 300-500 units in 2022.In terms of marketing, Qianxun technology is also actively expanding agent channels to expand the landing range of inspection programs.In fact, the emergence and development of inspection robot is closely related to the demand of intelligent transformation of power grid.At present, the construction of smart grid and the enhancement of power supply reliability have become a national strategy. In 2009, The State Grid released the smart grid plan, which divided 2009-2020 into three stages: planning pilot, comprehensive construction and leading and upgrading, to promote the construction of strong smart grid.In March 2021, China issued the “14th Five-Year Plan”, in which it was clearly proposed to “accelerate the intelligent transformation of power grid infrastructure and the construction of smart micro-grid”.The market demand for intelligent inspection robot in power system is also exploding.In addition, traditional substation monitoring and manual inspection work, there are many shortcomings, such as low work efficiency, increasing patrol workload, scattered quality of inspection, manual inspection data is not accurate, timeliness can not be guaranteed, give birth to the emergence of focusing on inspection robot.Wang Huaiqing, founder of Qianxun Technology, said that the business upgrade to qianxun technology brought the most direct change is “our customer unit price changed from 300,000 to 400,000 to three to five million.”From the perspective of application scenarios, different from other functional types of robots, inspection robots are widely used in industrial and commercial scenarios, including electric power, chemical industry, petroleum, municipal administration, mechanical construction, railway, etc. Inspection robots have a very broad market.At present, the application scenarios of inspection robots are expanded from electric power scenarios to pipelines, Bridges and tunnels, as well as smart parks, smart communities, smart police patrol, smart ports and other fields.Among them, the security inspection robot market scale is the largest, but according to the intelligent security in 2020 accounted for 3% of the calculation, the security inspection robot market in 2020 is only 1.35 billion yuan, inspection robot market scale is small, the degree of rigid demand is weak, landing is difficult.In addition, it needs to be noted that, due to the different application scenarios, although there is no big difference in hardware products, there are certain differences in platform and software and algorithms, which cause certain obstacles for such enterprises as Qianxun Technology.It is necessary to research software facilities for different scenarios in algorithm and platform to achieve the adaptation of inspection robot to application scenarios.It also made the inspection robot has certain technical threshold, if the technology is not mature, so can produce errors of precision, data analysis and processing, accurate navigation and positioning technology, intelligent recognition technology and expert system for the data processing technology, is constitute the core of the inspection robot to realize accurate and precise operation.As mentioned in an article of “”, “in a certain inspection scene, the robot should be able to accurately capture the measured object 20-30m away and only 10cm in size when it automatically performs the inspection task.In such a long-distance observation situation, the robot must have accurate positioning. If the precise navigation and positioning technology is not mature enough, the position of the inspection robot station is slightly shaken, and the target will be out of sight, resulting in operational errors.”In this regard, relevant enterprises need to accelerate the conquering of cloud computing, AI, 5G, big data, algorithms and other related technologies. Part of the financing amount of Qianxun Technology will be used for product research and development, team expansion and other business, technology development and expansion.Inspection robot: The pioneer of digital twin inspection robot, as the name implies, is mainly responsible for the frequent inspection of various application scenarios, replacing the manual inspection of low efficiency, large amount of labor and insufficient number of people, and improving the operation efficiency of enterprises.For example, THE ARM inspection robot developed by Qianchun Technology can be used for outdoor and indoor inspection. It can replace or partially replace inspection personnel to automatically perform various inspection tasks, realize real-time visualization and quantification of indoor equipment status, improve operation and maintenance efficiency and resource utilization, and improve the stability of indoor equipment operation.”Silan Technology” said that “new infrastructure” construction is equivalent to “hydropower and coal” in the intelligent era, which will bring new development opportunities to commercial service robots, especially inspection robots.But today, with the development of industrial Internet, inspection robot is not only replacing manual inspection, but also being endowed with new tasks and functions — data collection, which lays a foundation for the landing of digital twin factories and the maintenance of data centers.”Inspection robots not only perform inspection tasks, but also collect rich data in the process.This will pave the way for digital twin factories.”Thousand patrol technology founder Wang Huaiqing said.”We will continue to recommend solutions to prepare for the construction of digital twin factories in the future.”The outbreak of inspection robot, to a large extent, led to the emergence of intelligent operation and maintenance concept.Nowadays, more data center enterprises combine artificial intelligence with operation and maintenance to improve operation and maintenance efficiency through machine learning based on existing operation and maintenance data, thus gradually replacing manual operation and maintenance.At the same time, the data collected by the inspection robot can complete the intelligent and digital updating and transformation of the enterprise according to the Industrial Internet of Things, providing an important data basis for the key to the closed-loop control improvement of industrial production Internet data, and the data basis is often the premise of the construction and model of digital twin factories.Digital twin, simply speaking, is the application of digital technology for the physical product, manufacturing process and even the entire factory simulation, to create a digital version of the twin body.The foundation of digital twinning requires sufficient data base and relevant technology maturity.As the operator of application scenarios and physical products, inspection robot is actually the data collection carrier of such simulation and model re-establishment.Based on the data collected by the inspection robot, a digital version of the related twin digital products is established.Applied to industry 4.0, digital twin can integrate, schedule and optimize resources from a global perspective, realize scientific governance in fields such as smart city, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent medical treatment, and improve overall operating efficiency and benefits.Under the boost of “new infrastructure”, the inspection robot industry will usher in new growth space, qianxun Technology and other enterprises will also get a certain degree of development, but the industry development at the same time, will also boost the increase of market competitiveness.Ultimately, though, there will be a push for “new infrastructure”, industrial Internet and data centres.New Industry Insights For more exciting content, come to new Industry Insights

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