White flowers and eggs thrown at starbucks stores in Chongqing, China, are not a popular response

Sanxiang Metropolis daily · Huasheng online all media reporter Tian Tian Starbucks is wrong first, but not the reason for everyone to vent extreme.A starbucks police officer in Chongqing drove away police officers who ate lunch boxes outside the gate of a Starbucks in Chongqing recently caused a heated debate online.People lamented the pride of Starbucks, but also to support the police work is not easy.As major state media spoke up for the police, people also said that “China can do without Starbucks, but not without police”.It was meant for the best, but things took a turn for the worse.On February 15, a member of the public found the starbucks involved in front of someone sent white flowers, but also threw a ground of eggs.Crucially, when the cleaning staff tried to clean up, they were told “don’t sweep, don’t sweep” by onlookers.From the video, we can also see that the cleaning staff holding the broom is not swept, not swept is not.In fact, I would like to say that everyone’s starting point must be good intentions, to express their support for the police and dissatisfaction with starbucks’ bad attitude, but the way of expression is not appropriate. Starbucks is wrong, but it cannot be the reason for some people to vent wantonly.If you are not satisfied with starbucks’ attitude, you can simply not consume it. Why pollute the environment and add work burden to innocent cleaning staff?It’s not right to punish someone for someone else’s mistake.From another perspective, the reason why people are so angry is also because starbucks’ response after the incident was too perfunctory and careless, just a simple “misunderstanding” to deal with it.That’s not going to appease the public, many of whom have long complained about Starbucks’ arrogant attitude.Put their own brand tone on the high, sooner or later will lose the hearts of the people.After all, the brand style is derived from two-way respect, not one-way self-absorption.Honest operation, good compliance with laws and regulations, more sincere to Chinese consumers, is the right way.

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