Wu Zunyou: China can achieve the goal of “dynamic zero clearance”

Under the Joint Prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, a press conference was held this afternoon.At the meeting, Wu Zunyou, chief expert of epidemiology of China CDC, said that based on China’s prevention and control experience in the past two years and our new understanding of the novel Coronavirus changes, he personally believes that China can achieve the goal of “dynamic zero elimination”.Zunyou wu said the Mick Dijon mutant strain because of the infectivity, transmission speed, plus a proportion of those with asymptomatic, makes dynamic reset more difficult, dynamic reset need time may be longer, but as long as strictly from solid from the prevention and control measures implemented to every link, or will be able to achieve the goal of “dynamic reset”.Wu Zunyou believes that the main challenge to achieve “dynamic zero clearance” in the new situation is that the new characteristics of concealed and fast transmission of the omicron variant strain of the epidemic require a more sensitive surveillance system to detect the epidemic earlier and implement the prevention and control measures more quickly.In these processes, the cooperation of everyone is particularly needed, especially in the detection of early cases, and the active cooperation of patients is particularly important for the control of the epidemic.Source: CCTV News

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