A few awesome things I did in the Year of the Ox

The Year of the Ox is over. It’s been a hectic year, but it’s worth reviewing a few things in chronological order that will help you thrive in the year of the Tiger.On February 2nd, Dalian Daily published an electronic article — looking for friends of time in old buildings in Dalian.The article focuses on clocks on old buildings in Dalian.On the morning of March 4th, guo Mingyi’s love team went into a detachment of the Navy in Lushun to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. They talked about the history of the Party and made propaganda reports about Lei Feng.After the briefing, Guo Mingyi gave me lei Feng commemorative medal.Are able to enjoy the title, this is associated with Tan Weibing LeiFengTuan honor soldiers, when he learned that I have been looking for lei feng in lushun footprint, looking for heard the report of the old man lei feng, very touched, then take out MEDALS to lei feng, let part-time vice chairman of the CPC Central Committee alternate committee member, the national federation of trade unions, learn advanced individual mingyi guo lei feng to wear for me.This is the highest reward for my decades of persistence in learning Lei Feng.June 11, interviewed by CCTV financial channel, introduced the currency reform of Soviet army in Lvshun period.This is his fourth interview with CCTV.June 28, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the first rural grassroots party organization in northeast China (second from left).The leaders attending the opening ceremony are the leaders of the standing committee of the district Committee and the organization Department of the Municipal Committee.I was called up by Secretary Zhao of the district Committee for participating in the cultural and creative work of building the museum with Curator Zhenren.On July 4, Dalian Evening News published a article — Li Hua’s family can not stop asking “land father-in-law”, in fact, sometimes he fell.Fortunately, after being asked, continue to study and accumulate and improve.On August 22, Dalian Evening News published my article — a sailor’s grave in the depths of a barren mound.After the article was published in the newspaper, further research showed that the warship of the owner of the tomb had come to Lushun shipyard for maintenance in 1927.October 20, participated in the provincial committee of the five old report group members and the provincial committee of the system of communication training, was invited to lecture on the party at the meeting, and was appointed as the provincial committee of the five old report group deputy head.Beneath the fame comes a sense of responsibility.Before and after November 25, Liaoning Daily, Fushun Daily, Dalian Evening News, the old Daily has reported retired teacher Li Hua’s family to build a local culture center said the local situation.Interest is the best teacher, adhere to a few years, there will be benefits.On October 27, The third program of Dalian TV — Ode to Joy for Friends broadcast the new findings of Lao Li Tou’s research on the modern history of Lushun.To study history, we should not only restore the truth of history, but also make discoveries. We should not follow what others say.On November 6, Yuan Qiancheng, the descendant of Yuan Baoling, visited Lvshun Shipyard.To introduce the brick and stone dispute in the construction process of the shipyard and the subsequent three times of renovation, and to explain the old buildings in Lushun.In early November, the leaders of the street and district government accompanied the leaders of the Municipal Commission of Customs affairs to visit my local culture and art museum — the Art activity Center of the Commission of Customs Affairs of the Great Wall Street.On December 20th, attended dalian Municipal Working Committee of Caring for the next generation, studied and implemented the spirit training class of the sixth plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, was invited to give party lessons to participants.At the end of the year of the Ox, the People’s Navy newspaper adopted my little article, and Lvshun dockyard was transformed three times.The editor changed the title of the essay to lvshun Dockyard: a Miniature of Modern Chinese History.The questions are well written.Both the Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese War came to Lushun, and there were too many concentrated shadows in the bay water.At the end of the year, I received professor Guan Jie’s 600-thousandword book lushun Massacre as a gift.Thank you very much for Mr. Guan’s kindness, which provided the most authoritative and detailed information for further study of the Lushun Massacre.In 2021, to commemorate the centenary of the founding of the Party, I taught Party lessons in schools, streets and communities.Song Xiaolin, secretary of Dahua Community, Desheng Street, Lvshun, presented a commemorative large tea urn.Its original intention is likely to drink saliva, gasp for breath, refueling in the year of the tiger.

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