Liao and Guangdong all star starters?This is so boring. I’d rather watch the regular season

The results of the first week of CBA all-star voting have come out, and liaoning and Guangdong have taken the starting linings of the north and south regions respectively, which is a bit of a surprise.Most fans were disappointed with the result. The All-Star game is supposed to be entertainment and promotion for the CBA, and should accommodate more teams, not to mention other teams with some top-notch players.It is normal for Zhang Zhenlin to be the vote king. From the point of view of entertainment, Zhang Zhenlin’s playing is really enjoyable, which is the same as Jimmy Carter becoming the NBA All-Star vote king.Fans just love to see dunks, not necessarily dunks.There is no denying that Liaoning and Guangdong are indeed very strong, there are many national players, attention is also very high, the number of votes is understandable.But judging by the current voting results, it defeats the purpose of the All-Star game and leaves fans disappointed.A 20-team league with two teams in the starting lineup is a bit lopsided and a bit excessive.It’s not that other teams don’t have star players. Abdusalam and Tao Hanlin in the North have performed very well this season. Wang Zhelin, Shen Zijie, Sun Minghui, Zhao Yanhao, Hu Jinqiu and Chen Yingjun in the south are also very good.Moreover this year Shanghai team’s record is very good, the league’s second, not a player in the all-star starting lineup is a little unreasonable.Originally CBA all-star game is very chicken ribs, there is no value to watch the game, to be honest, not as good as a regular season game.No one wants to watch it. It’s boring to get a bunch of veterans to play training games.The coach will generally tell the players to give priority to safety, do not do difficult moves, do not allow random dunks.Zhao Rui on the second stage to play a ball, the physical state of how do not know how to be elected to the starting lineup.The CBA is a commercial league and losing fans and attention is no good. The 20 teams should be balanced. It’s not realistic to have a single league with two teams.Yi jianlian is nearly 40 years old veteran, CBA still rely on him to support the appearance, no successor, sad.Therefore, the CBA all-star voting rules should be changed to eliminate the phenomenon of ballot brushing and to enhance the attention of other teams.A week later, many fans still don’t know about all-star voting.

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