Tashdian Town Cultural community: the task force cares for the common people

“The heart of the people for the people to do practical things,” the golden characters in the red banner is particularly eye-catching, recently, Tashidian town cultural community Turxun master sent thanks for the cultural community banner, to express the team and community heart of the masses, for the people’s service gratitude.Tursun teacher culture community in Mr Shop town jurisdiction Mr Shop road on a spit master car repair shop, due to the repair shop in Mr Store five-arched stone town of han and tang dynasties transformation scope, project planning will be slated for demolition, and spit the teacher hasn’t found a good place to move, rent shops that spit teacher need to nearby after the difficulty of appeal.Korla City management comprehensive law enforcement Bureau in tashidian town cultural community “visit Hui Together” team vice captain Li Hongwei to master Spit to understand its rent shop demand, contact and field inspection, select a few suitable points with master spit one by one to see, until master Spit find satisfactory shops.”Thank you to the ‘Visit Hueju’ team and the community, captain Li, for helping me solve this problem.”Turxun Ai Zemu said excitedly, when receiving the heavy banner in turxun Ai Zemu’s hands, Hu Tianxin, the first secretary of the party, said that this was the masses’ affirmation of the community and our work of “visiting and benefiting together”, but also the party members’ affirmation of setting an example and serving the people wholeheartedly.In the future work, Tashidian Town cultural community will continue to practice “I do practical things for the masses”, solve the masses’ “urgent problems” and other problems, so as to further enhance the people’s sense of gain, satisfaction and happiness, and play its due role in ensuring the people live and work in peace.(Correspondent Zhang Xiaoyan)

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