All four-wheel drive, standard air suspension, 6 cylinder start, too roll!

I believe that many people have such an ideal: one day can become a successful big shot, buy a spacious and comfortable luxury car, hire a driver to carry their own “crisscrossing the business sea”, every day will be the most glamorous side presented in front of the public.Today we bring you a large car from audi brand, it is Audi (imported)- Audi A8, let’s see how this car performance.After watching the above experience, do you have a lot of questions in your heart?Don’t worry, let me sum it up for you.Audi (imported)- Audi A8 is equipped with six safety features, including main/passenger airbags, front/rear parking radar, and front/rear head airbags.The car is equipped with a segmented electric sunroof, which takes care of the front and rear passengers, further enhancing the sense of space inside the car.The car’s official 0-100km/h acceleration is 6.6s, a power performance that can satisfy some of your sporty pursuits.If you’re thinking of buying a car, consider it.

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