City green heart forest park into the Spring Festival popular clock-in

During the Spring Festival holiday, the city’s green Heart Forest Park, an ecological landmark in the city’s sub-center, became a hotspot for citizens.From January 31 to February 6, the city green Heart Forest Park ushered in a small peak of visitors, with a total of 86,600 visitors, a significant increase compared with the same period last year. The ice and snow Carnival, green heart vitality gathering and other praise, provides a good place for the public to play during the holiday.In the snow and ice season, the second season of the Green Heart Ice and Snow Carnival, located near the south gate of the city’s Green Heart, has become one of the most popular tourist attractions.Lvxin Ice and snow Carnival covers an area of 60,000 square meters, including 45,000 square meters for snow, 8,000 square meters for leisure and entertainment, and 7,000 square meters for ice. It is the largest ice and snow park in the sub-center of the city with the most attractions.During the Spring Festival, the Luxin Ice and snow Carnival is very lively, and many tourists feel the happiness brought by ice and snow sports in the vast white ice and snow world.”Snow loops, sightseeing trains, ice bikes, and traditional ice carts are the most popular events for visitors, and there are long lines in front of each event.”The old people went for a walk in the park. We took our children to play. We had seven or eight snow laps just now.I am from northeast China. I used to play this sport when I was young. I also want to bring my children to experience the happiness brought by ice and snow sports.A resident of Liwon Town, Zeng, is playing with a child on a snow hoop.The west ice recreation area has ice carts, ice bikes, ice slides and other rides, and happy laughter echoes through the park as children hurl down the ice slides.Coincing with the Beijing Winter Olympics, the park is filled with a strong atmosphere of the Winter Olympics. There are winter Olympics knowledge Gallery, curling experience, cross-country skiing experience, winter Olympics blessing wall and so on. Visitors can clock in for free after entering the park.In December 2020, the city’s Greenheart Forest Park held the first season of ice and snow carnival, with enthusiastic participation of citizens.”Based on the experience of the last season, we expanded the area of the park in the second season, and also improved the number and quality of the rides, increasing the types of rides to more than 30.For example, the number of ski runs has been increased to 32, and electric transmission facilities have been installed this year.In terms of tourist composition, 80 percent of the traffic comes from residents in the city’s sub-center.”Yun Xiangjie, director of the Ice and snow project in the City Lvxin Forest Park of Beitou Group, said.In addition to the ice and snow carnival, the city’s Greenheart Forest Park in the star ring road also has many park visitors.”The city’s Greenheart Forest Park is also beautiful in winter. It’s big and airy, comfortable to walk in the sun, kids can play football on the football field, and the whole family can find something to do.”Lin Lin, who lives in Zhangjiawan Town, said.Urban Green Heart Forest Park will be opened on September 29, 2020. In the park, 5.5km star-shaped ring road, 20 sports venues, citizen sports lawn, the former East Asia Aluminum factory building transformed into a national fitness center, Green Heart Vitality And comprehensive training ground, which can meet the needs of the public for fitness.In the park, children’s game areas such as lesha Park, ice and snow carnival, oasis camp, happy water world, unpowered park, archaeological park can meet the leisure and entertainment needs of tourists.Chinese bookstore, horticulture station and other supporting features, the traditional culture and green ecology fully integrated, for the citizens to bring the whole age of the park experience.Since the park opened, the city green heart forest park has been selected for two consecutive years in Beijing net red card.Beijing City deputy center newspaper reporter Chen Shijun responsible editor Wang Chao

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