Counting 11 players missing the World Cup, what is the level of this 650 million euro team?

Although there are a few place need to wait until the end of June the play-offs to be clear, but at the end of march, after a series of wars of the 2022 World Cup “constitute” undoubtedly has been basically determined – roughly another all the heroes fight through got the ticket to Qatar, at the same time also feel dejected someone say goodbye to this world event in advance.At this point, let’s take a look at which of the biggest stars are out of the running to assemble the best team for the World Cup.The total value of these “frustrated 11” could easily exceed 650 million euros.Note that there is no substitute and it is less than enough, since many of the established stars with strong assets have lower market values.From the time donneruma, Alaba, Bonucci and Skriniar won the European Championship in 2021 to their downfall in 2022, Italian football has gone from bad to bad with astonishing speed.Among them, goalkeeper Donner Luma is the most typical representative of “from god to ghost”.A year after he was the hero of the final and winner of the Yashin Trophy, donaruma ended the Azzurri’s World Cup dreams with an unexpected long shot from north Macedonia but a side shot that did not reflect his 65 million euro market value.Incidentally, when Paris Saint-Germain signed the Italian goalkeeper on a free transfer last year, it was claimed that the Ligue 1 side had made a lot of money, but this season the big Paris side lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League, the key turning point was donaruma’s big mistake.The selection of Italian goalkeeper, the defensive line of nature also lack of Italian.The duo were crucial to the azzurri’s chances of winning Europe, but it was a pity that Bonucci, 34, did not return from injury in time for the first game against north Macedonia, while chiellini, 37, did make an appearance as a substitute, but conceded a goal and this was probably his last.Here’s bonucci as the representative. Although his price is only 8 million euros, the veteran is more representative of the current generation of Italy’s up-and-down team than the young bastoni, who is 60 million euros, and he has played a little more for Juventus this season than Chiellini.Overall strength and value, we can not ignore the other defender selection is alaba.The Real Madrid centre-back spent his early years at bayern Munich as a left-back and even played as a midfield playmaker for Austria, switching between wing-back and centre-back roles in recent years.However, wherever he appeared, the 55 million euro defender, one of Europe’s top defenders, could not stop Gareth Bale’s free kick and the Welshman scored twice to send his club team-mate into the play-off.Another central defender worth 65 million euros, Skriniar, was eliminated at the group stage of the European zone.One of slovak football’s only class stars of the modern era, Inter’s central defenders were a bit of a loner and failed to lead the team past Croatia and Russia in their group., midfielder, villa, Kathy, eritrea’s highly respected it would choose from Italy “frustrated strongest midfielder,” former European footballer of the year if mourinho and worth 70 million euro chewil seemed to be eligible, but here we are more inclined to the villa, as the only representative, because Chelsea midfielder at last year’s personal awards clearly with the light of the team,The valuation of the inter midfielder is also somewhat inflated.Velatti, by contrast, has a reputation as a transfer player with a price tag of 55 million euros, but sadly he has been “one of the most disappointing teams to be eliminated”, both for Italy and Paris Saint-Germain.Casey, who plays for AC Milan, has been one of the hottest names in Serie A recently, not only because of his role in the rossoneri’s scudetto campaign, but also because of his rumored signing with Barcelona.Barring any surprises, the Ivory Coast midfielder could be part of the rebuilding of the Spanish giants next season.But the 45m euro barca winger will not be playing in Qatar as Ivory Coast failed to qualify for the third stage of the African zone last November after finishing second in their group to Cameroon.Edgaard is arguably the best option at no.10 among the many midfield players who failed to make it to Qatar.At 42 million euros, he is younger than Turkey’s Tsarhanoglu and has clearly emerged as a central figure in the Gunners’ bid for the top four this season.Unfortunately, all that growth will come later in the tournament, which ended late last year when Norway lost to the Netherlands and Turkey in the European group stage.If a 4-3-3 formation were to follow conventional wisdom, Italian right-back Calabria would almost certainly make the cut, as he is the most expensive right-back of the early exits (£25m).But given the AC Milan defender’s lack of use by Roberto Mancini and the fact that there are more and better attacking players out of the World Cup, we opted for 352.In this, Salah again must occupy a place of choice.The Liverpool right-winger is worth 100 million euros and it would be a shame for world football not to see him in Qatar, but the African qualifiers are so brutal.Had it not been for Salah, it would have been his Reds team-mate Mane, the best African player of his generation.The result was a two-legged draw between Egypt and Senegal, and Salah had only himself to hate for his penalty shoot-out.As for the other option, chiesa would be more appropriate on the left.Although the 70 million euro winger has been sidelined for more than two months due to injury, his impact has been the key to Italy’s continued struggles at euro 2008.If chiesa is still there, how can the azzurri not tear through the northern Macedonian defence?From the end of the draw, it became clear that the European play-offs offered too many “dilemmas”, such as Portugal and Italy could only qualify for one place, and lewandowski and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the two outstanding centre-forwards, could only survive.Now the results are all out, in addition to Cristiano Ronaldo through the line, also on the last train is Lewan.Poland beat Sweden 2-0 and the world player of the year won his showdown with football’s top dog.That would seem to be the more palatable scenario, given that ibrahimovic, 40, is struggling to start a game.However, the Swede, who is worth only 3.6 million euros, still maintains a very high standard. It is a great pity that he can’t play in Qatar when he returns to the national team. He should also have a place in the “most frustrated 11”.There is another striker option that is not so much to be thought of, although there are alternatives such as Nigerian Haximon (60 million euros) and Algerian Mahrez (40 million euros), none of which is as painful as the absence of the 150 million euro harland.Still, even with the young duo of Harland and Oedigaard, Norway’s qualifying group was a bit of a dud with 15 goals in 10 matches.Harland scored the most goals for the team, five in total, but only one against the “big boys” (Holland, 1-1 at home). His other four goals were a hat-trick against Gibraltar and a penalty against Latvia.From this point of view, Harland still has a lot of work to do, in the Bundesliga he scores goals, but in the national team “lead the team” ability is a little bit less.Fortunately, the Norwegian centre forward is still young at 21, so we can expect him to show his talents in big tournaments in the long term.Article | LeiHanMo edit | DBSQ

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