Learn a lifesaving skill for loved ones this New Year

More than four minutes of cardiac arrest can cause permanent damage to brain tissue, and more than 10 minutes can cause brain death.Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the most important way to keep a patient alive until professional help arrives…In Nanjing, every Thursday from 19:00 to 21:00, volunteers of nanjing Civil Air Defense Emergency Rescue Volunteer Brigade will hold emergency skills training at the Civil air Defense Education Experience Museum on Yangtze Road. They will teach three lifesaving skills for free: cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the use of AED, and the management of airway foreign body obstruction.Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu news reporter Xue Ling Volunteers of nanjing Civil Air Defense emergency rescue volunteer brigade and citizens participating in the training.”Sir, Sir, what’s wrong with youCan you open your eyes and look at me?…”Training site, from nanjing air-defense Liu Daoping side of the volunteer team of emergency rescue call “faint”, one side to the rhythm of the 1001, 1002, count to 1010, when the judgment “patients” already unconscious and not breathing, Liu Daoping immediately with a loud voice, “come, ah, someone fainted here, I am the rescue, will help please come and help me.This lady, please dial 120 and let me know when you get through!If anyone knows there is an AED nearby, please bring it here.””Patient is in resuscitation position.”Immediately, Liu daoping began chest compressions on the patient, and the rhythm of 01, 02 counting.When the count reached 30, Liu stopped pressing and gave artificial respiration to the “patient”…During this period, Xu Gang, leader of nanjing Civil Air Defense emergency rescue volunteer Brigade, also found a nearby automatic external defibrillator (AED), and the two men took turns to perform CPR on the “patient” according to the AED’s voice prompts.According to statistics, The average number of sudden death in China is as high as 1.8 million people every year, equivalent to more than 3 people every minute of sudden death, and 95% of them happen outside the hospital, the rescue success rate of cardiac arrest is less than 1%.Therefore, when sudden death is found, cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be started immediately to restore blood flow, and call 120 to wait for rescue.On February 14, 2019, nanjing Civil Air Defense Emergency Rescue Volunteer Brigade held the first public training activity in the Civil Air Defense Education Experience Center on Yangtze Road.”Learn one more quick skill for someone you love. I hope you don’t need it, but know it.”Xu Gang told reporters that they found in the training, many people always feel that these skills do not use, but in fact, no one knows tomorrow and accident, which comes first.In order to expand their influence and attract more people to participate, they also went out of the Civil air Defense Education experience Museum on Yangtze Road and changed the training venue to the passing passage of outsiders from the museum, “in the hope that more people can learn the skills that can save lives at this critical moment.””There is a college student is passing by while learning, did not expect to soon used.Xu gang told reporters that during the school’s physical fitness test, one of the student’s classmates suddenly fell to the ground. The student and the teacher performed CPR together, and the fallen student was eventually rescued.Nanjing Civil Air Defense Emergency Rescue Volunteer Brigade is a civilian rescue organization initiated and established by nanjing Civil Air Defense Office. It is also a group member of provincial and municipal youth Volunteers’ Association. It is responsible for the volunteer service work of propagating knowledge of air defense and disaster prevention and popularizing self-rescue and mutual rescue skills.Although they come from all walks of life, but the like-minded they have been quietly adhere to the popularization of air defense disaster prevention skills to contribute to their own strength.At the end of the interview, Xu Gang also did not forget to play an “advertisement”, “this year, from the third to the fifth day of the year, we will be in xuanwu Lake Park (xuanwu Gate, rockery waterfall near the dock) to hold CPR and other skills of public welfare training, welcome everyone to participate in the training.Proofread by Sheng Yuanyuan

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