Should I turn off my phone or not?A lot of people do it wrong!

Do you have a habit of turning your phone off when you sleep at night?Some people say that they sleep directly when they are tired of playing mobile phones. Some people think that mobile phones must be turned off before going to bed every day, so as to maintain mobile phones and save electricity. So should mobile phones be turned off once a day?Winglet’s take you to the details!Should your phone be turned off once a day?A more reasonable statement is: long time do not turn off the phone harm, but turn off every day, the harm may be greater!Once a week is recommended.If the phone is left on for a long time, system garbage will accumulate, which will slow down the phone and cause it to become more and more jammed.When the phone is shut down, it will automatically clean up the garbage in the system, and at the same time, it will close the background program of the software, so as to achieve the self-repair of the phone and make the phone run smoothly. Therefore, it is recommended to shut down once a week.Do you really save electricity by turning off your phone regularly?Some friends turn off their phones to save electricity. However, many careful friends find that when the phone is switched on once, the battery power will be significantly reduced in many cases. If the phone is switched on frequently, the power consumption will be faster.This is because the high-speed operation of the CPU and other internal components during the restart of the phone will cause a relatively significant power consumption, so shutting down to save power may not achieve the purpose.Does the mobile phone often switch on and off have disadvantages?Often switch machine, slightly larger loss of mobile phone memory.Every time the phone is turned off and on again, it has to be reloaded to read data, which causes some loss of memory in the phone.If you switch the machine on and off every day, the loss of memory will be more serious.In the long run, this will damage the hardware and reduce the service life of the phone.What are some bad habits that drain your phone’s battery?1 the screen brightness is too high or too bright screen will consume a lot of power, may wish to dim the screen, screen brightness can be set to automatic adjustment, with the surrounding environment automatically brightening or darkening, so as to save electricity.2 Mobile phone WiFi is enabled for a long time. If WiFi is enabled for a long time, mobile phones will constantly search for WiFi signals, which will increase power consumption.If you are on the road or in a strange place, you can turn off your WiFi connection to save power and be safer.3 Useless notifications Notifications The constant notifications and bombardments of messages every day can also accelerate the power consumption. You can turn off some irrelevant notifications in Settings – Notification Center to ensure that only the notifications of applications that are really needed are enabled.Not only will you use less electricity, but you’ll also avoid interruptions.4. Running apps with high power consumption For a long time, running multiple apps with high power consumption will not only cause the phone to be stuck, but also cause a large amount of power loss.Turn off power-hungry apps when you’re not using them.5 Automatic data synchronization Automatic data synchronization is enabled by default for many applications, such as automatic photo backup or application synchronization, which occupies mobile phone memory and consumes battery power.You can manually synchronize data if necessary by turning off the automatic synchronization Settings.

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