Smart leaders don’t keep these four types of employees!Category 1: High-paying job hoppers

Article | little snail, corporate chief personnel officer full text: 630 words, read 2 minutes to remember many years ago, when a listed company to do the personnel director, handled the case of a technical personnel turn-over, favorite memories.This is a particularly excellent engineer in equipment debugging, but the other side is very narrow, master the skills are not enough, resulting in the adjustment of only he.Later, the technician was poached by a company in Shanghai, so he proposed to leave the company. The general manager was very nervous, so he tried to keep the technician, and finally he added 3,000 yuan to his salary.However, he no longer showed special qualifications, the company did not pay as much attention to him as before, equal to the hearts of everyone is no longer together.However, this incident caused mutual harm, not only delayed the talent development, but also hurt the probability of this person to continue to create value for the company.Therefore, for many employees to quit not blindly retain, but to one person a policy.Highly paid job-hoppers can’t stay — not only will they cost the company a lot of money in salary increases, but they will also lose trust.Don’t do things that hurt each other.Don’t keep Someone who has repeatedly offered to leave, especially after the second offer.It looks more and more like corporate hypocrisy.Don’t leave quietly — really good people always leave as a plan and leave when they’re ready.It’s hard to keep people like that.Employees who threaten to leave for a raise — this is the type of person who can’t be retained, or even approved to quit right away, lest the company be held hostage.To avoid more copycats.Not everyone will leave, and not everyone who leaves needs to stay!Retention is a strategy, what kind of person is a kind of wisdom!# HUMAN Resource Management # Follow Snail jun @unknown chief hr officer  To interpret the workplace and be a smarter worker!Welcome to join the “Chief Personnel Officer promotion Dojo” and become a lucky employee.(Circle card has been added here, please check it on toutiao client)

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