Why does brother coat care about children’s marriage?Why hasn’t Chen Yanan found a new in-laws?

Brother Overcoat is a father, as a parent, it is normal to care about their children’s marriage.It’s important to find the right guy.Chen yanan has not found a new husband’s family, is busy broadcasting things, she thinks career is very important.First, parents.Parents want their children to have a happy family and a good partner.Some people said that Brother Overcoat took his son Zhu Xiaowei’s marriage as a story, in fact, as a parent, Brother Zhu Zhiwen is very important to his son’s marriage.Brother overcoat as a more than ten years of ups and downs of the grassroots star, of course, understand as a grassroots star is not easy.Coat elder brother actually do not want the family to continue to endure hardship, will try to let zhu family less involved in some of the things on the network, this is the coat elder brother’s basic idea.After all the calculations, there was one thing I didn’t think of.Is the marriage of the children there are some problems, or there are some things beyond the expected range.Coat elder brother Zhu Zhiwen naturally hopes children can have the ability, as far as possible does not let the parents worry about the marriage event.However, the emotional problems of his children and marriage were not the way Brother Overcoat had hoped.It is said that children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, but this blessing, also need to achieve as soon as possible.The son Zhu Xiaowei of coat elder brother also needs to look for an object, daughter Zhu Xuemei also arrived the age that should look for an object.So this time the coat brother was actually more willing to accept the fact that it was also the girl to mind.Coat elder brother through a few acquaintances, also can find suitable object for children.In fact, the children of elder brother overcoat, generally speaking, or belong to the appearance of ordinary people.Most people’s life, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, looks ordinary, ordinary ability.It is because coat elder brother had flow and fame, just let more people pay attention to coat elder brother’s children.Second, experience.Because coat elder brother had flow and fame, perform in the field for a long time, how much also ignored pair of children’s education.This decade is the time of elder brother Overcoat’s success, is also the key period of elder brother Overcoat zhu Zhiwen’s children’s education, is a busy decade of elder brother Overcoat’s family.Because coat elder brother Zhu Zhiwen most of the time in the field performance, children’s education is actually lack of coat elder brother’s guidance, but also a few experience.Some rural children, after dropping out of school most will choose to work in other places, but also for the future to prepare.This preparation is essentially an important period of growth in life, and Coat ignores this critical period.It is because of the experience of working in other places and the fickleness of the world that people are more likely to develop a deeper understanding of the world.The children of rich families and famous families will not experience the test of society.Society is also a university, it teaches people to see through the heart, insight into the ability of human nature, it is easier to cultivate people’s ability.The children of Elder brother Zhu Zhiwen did not experience the repeated tests of society.It is Zhu Xiaowei, Zhu Xuemei lack of some experience, just let later encountered a marriage event, let coat brother made sorrow.The so-called guilt sorrow means that Zhu Xiaowei and Zhu Xuemeii lack the ability to see through human nature.Some people may say that Brother Overcoat has experienced many things, why brother Overcoat also have the wrong people.In fact, brother overcoat did not look at the wrong person, but the Angle of the station is different.Standing in the coat elder brother Zhu Zhiwen’s Angle, can only choose to look ok.In fact, character run-in, flexible ability to deal with complex problems, how the couple to deal with specific contradictions, some of which belong to the coat brother children lack.In other words, brother Zhu zhiwen can only do as a parent’s duty.Beyond, unable to reconcile the loose ends of the couple’s household chores.Third, expectations.Chen yanan is already working hard to make money, giving big red envelopes to her relatives’ children during the Spring Festival.As for Chen’s new in-laws, there is no news yet.In fact, Chen Yanan find a new husband’s family is not what difficult.Competent, not bad looking, arguably, but diminishing.Why coat elder brother’s children a little laborious, but also coat elder brother so much trouble and effort.It also involves a child’s experience of society.Chen Yanan came out of school, experienced some things, is also a person who has experienced the test of society.Zhu Xiaowei and Zhu Xuemei have been in the coat elder brother behind, most things even coat elder brother hands-on.Sometimes, parents control much, but let children lack the ability to be independent.Whether it is the master of the house or the society, all need to solve a problem, that is, a person alone to face the problem, the ability to deal with complex problems.Zhu Xiaowei and Zhu Xuemei still lack such an ability.Coat elder brother Zhu Zhiwen also know, also trying to help children to find the right object.People like Chen yanan, who has proved unsuitable for the Zhu family, are also a solid hammer.Honest, kind-hearted, general ability, improper network red, do not provoke trouble, perhaps is the target of zhu’s choice.

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