Tao Feihong: interpret the most beautiful “police color” with action and freeze the peace picture scroll with mission

He is a 17-year “veteran party member”, is also a 14-year “veteran police officer”;He is not only a pu ‘er traffic police who is committed to his duties and fulfill his duties, but also a “tea city emissary” who performs well and is willing to contribute to the police in other places.He is Tao Feihong, deputy chief of accident countermeasures brigade of Traffic police Detachment of Pu ‘er City Public Security Bureau, who was commended as the advanced individual of the province’s political and legal work.During his 14 years as a police officer, Tao Feihong has been taking on his mission and making achievements in ordinary posts. He has been awarded the excellent Party Member and outstanding Civil servant of the Detachment for three times and the second-class merit once.Based on the post actually do road hidden danger “delisting person” “traffic police work are on the road, stem is also the most ordinary thing.But you need to be hard-working and dedicated.”Since his entry into the company in August 2007, Tao Feihong has been responsible and experienced in many posts. He always stands on every shift and takes practical actions to maintain the road traffic safety in the area under his jurisdiction.”How many accidents are handled is not an achievement, how many accidents are reduced is the goal.”In 2013, Tao Feihong was transferred to the Accident Countermeasure Team of Pu ‘er Traffic Police Detachment, responsible for the statistics and analysis of traffic accidents in the city, and put forward accident prevention measures and measures.After coming to the new job post, Tao Fei Hong quickly familiar with the construction of the brigade and traffic accident processing work, how to minimize the incidence of traffic accidents, and even do not let traffic accidents happen again, became his biggest work goal.To this end, he spent the main energy to reduce and eliminate road accidents as much as possible, improve the road condition.”Road traffic safety investigation is the basic work, in order to ensure the safety of the road smooth, we combined with accident prone point data analysis, for the investigation found road safety hidden points to establish a point and gradually cancel, regular organization of hidden trouble observation, to prevent hidden trouble ‘back tide’.”In June 2021, TaoFei macros and colleagues after many site, found some county in the jurisdiction sections of the road there is a big road safety hidden danger point, include lack of traffic and pedestrians to cross and other kinds of potential safety hazard, supervised and combined local authorities immediately, just half a month to complete the rectification of the hazard point work, created a good transportation environment for local people.Under a series of effective measures, Tao feihong and his colleagues collected, checked and explored 407 hidden dangers of all levels of roads in the city. 170 of them have been rectified, and the rest of the road sections are listed in the rectification plan.Under the condition of vehicle surge, one by one road hidden danger points were rectified, the city’s urban roads, expressways, ordinary national and provincial roads, rural roads and other key areas were effectively controlled, and the road traffic safety situation was stable.Carrying out his Mission, taking responsibility, being warm-hearted and helping Others A good traffic policeman “He is dedicated to his duties, honest and dutiful, warm-hearted to help others, and fair and just.” This is what colleagues say about Tao Feihong. It is also a true reflection of his conscientious and hard work.At around 22:00 on March 19, 2019, Tao Feihong was waiting in line at a hospital with his feverish child when he received a report of a serious traffic accident in a county under his jurisdiction. He immediately handed the child to his wife and rushed to the scene of the accident more than 200 kilometers away after giving a few simple words.”The nature of our work is quite special, and we are in a 24-hour ‘standby’ state. No matter how bad the weather is, no matter how day or night, no matter holidays, we will rush to the scene as soon as we are ordered.”In the sandstorm weather with visibility less than 10 meters, I took risks to rescue vehicles in accidents, drove 6 hours to rescue vehicles that fell into the river late at night, and drove 3 hours to a village to rescue children and injured women hit by tricycles at 3 in the morning…In these urgent, difficult and dangerous matters, he took the initiative to rush ahead, not only practicing the mission of a party member, but also showing the public security image of protecting the people.”I used to think the job of a traffic policeman was very powerful, with so many vehicles and drivers having to obey orders.But after really stepping into the traffic police this job, in fact, is very tired, often take care of everyone, regardless of the small family.””Seeing the decrease in traffic accidents year by year, I think of my original intention as a police officer, and all the hardships and pains will become motivation for my work,” tao said.Foreign aid police law enforcement do justice workers from 2020 to 2021, during the work in other cities, he as a team leader and team temporary party branch secretary, leading party comrades set up temporary party branch, cohesion strength, division of labor cooperation, while completes the traffic police work, timely understand and try our best to solve the players of the difficulties in life and work,More clever use of “mentoring” “pair” method, and the local auxiliary police formed a mutual learning pair, exchange ideas and business, and strive to maintain the group with harmonic “tea messenger”.In the development of good police assistance task at the same time, Tao Fei Hong consciously to maintain the “cloud police” image model a member, transfer professionalism.On June 28, 2021, Tao Feihong, who was in charge of the shift, received an instruction: a vehicle accident occurred in the jurisdiction.He immediately coordinated multiple forces, 25 minutes to quickly locate the vehicle and escape direction, three hours to investigate and capture the suspect hiding in the countryside.For more than a year, he stuck to the front line, maintaining traffic order, even when a cold fever did not stop the pace of police.On a police trip, the police car was hit hard by an oncoming SUV, the glass was broken, the door was deformed, and his waist was sprained and his face was bruised. Considering the heavy security work task, he only checked and treated for 3 days, and fought in the multifarious work again with the pain.During his work, Tao participated in handling more than 1,000 traffic accidents and disputes. He insisted on impartial law enforcement and never received a complaint or reconsideration, thus establishing an invisible sign of impartial law enforcement.Traffic management work is very ordinary, but in the ordinary work, Tao Feihong with enthusiasm and no regrets to pay, made extraordinary achievements, become a good traffic police brave to bear, in the public security traffic management work dedication of their own light and heat.(Source: Pu ‘er Traffic Police)

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