China team 9 gold!Sui Wenjing and Han Cong won the gold medal in pairs skating

Sui Wenjing and Han Cong won a gold medal in figure skating at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on February 19, 2022 in Beijing.This is also the ninth gold medal for The Chinese team!Sui Wenjing and Han Cong, who have been partners for 15 years, showed their strength in previous competitions and won silver in Pyeongchang, just 0.43 points behind the champions.Team in the Olympics are the pairs of short program, SuiWenJing/Han Cong select “mission impossible 2 suite” as accompaniment, with the grand powerful music, Chinese combination showed smooth glide and infectious performance, finally gained 82.83 points, to create a new world record score, short program in this play,Their goal is to finish on the top podium at home.Sui Wenjing was born in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China on July 18, 1995.Han Cong was born in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China on August 6, 1992.Source: Sports Express

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