Stream valley branch town held spring mountain apple management technology training

In order to further accelerate the development of jian yu bifurcation town apple industry, effectively improve the orchard management level of the vast fruit farmers, promote farmers to increase income.On February 16, jian Yu branch town in the wide yan village held spring mountain apple management technology training meeting, invited the city fruit industry development center deputy director Zhang Feng, technicians Xie Haiming, Mi Shihong, Guo Peng 4 people to town mountain apple farmers on the spot to explain the spring fruit tree management technology.Experts explained apple tree growing habits, cultivation techniques, management of entangling poles, pesticide use, apple tree root pruning, pest control and other aspects for apple growers.And the scene of apple tree pruning, pulling branches, hanging fruit branches and other aspects of the control of demonstration, at the same time hand in hand to guide the fruit farmers for pruning and pulling branches operation, fruit farmers put forward all kinds of technical problems of fruit trees to answer one by one.Apple growers have said that through the training, we benefit a lot, not only master the mountain apple efficient cultivation technology and management methods, but also enhance the confidence of everyone to develop apple industry to increase income, for the future fruit tree management has a strong guidance and operability.Contribution | Jian Yu Bifurcation town editor | Zhang Long | Cheng Zheng Wang Ping Supervised production | Li Hongmei Xue Jinping © Zichang Rong media

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