Nearly 60,000 good posts!After the festival, zhengzhou many job fair “job” waiting for you to come

Daxiang News Reporter Fu Yuhan Correspondent Fu Pengfei Jin Xu He Chunhong After the Spring Festival, it is always the peak season of the year for talent recruitment and job hunting.On February 4th, the reporter learned from the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security that zhengzhou will open the “recruitment” mode after the holiday, and a number of on-site job fairs will provide nearly 60,000 good posts for you.On the morning of February 7 (seventh day), zhengzhou Rural Human Resource Center Market (No. 81 Jiefang Road) will hold the first large-scale recruitment fair of 2022 Central Plains “Celebrating The Spring Festival and Recruiting talents”.The target of this job fair is enterprises and public institutions with recruitment needs and enterprises with employer brand publicity in Zhengzhou and its surrounding secondary cities. The target of service is former college graduates, job-seekers with job transfer, blue-collar skilled talents, retired soldiers and other groups in urgent need of employment.It is understood that the recruitment covers have retail, computer, construction, logistics, catering, transport, automobile, food, environmental protection, communications and other industries, hiring mainly focus on technology, management, design, accounting, administrative, manufacturing, drivers, security guards, the manager, chef, waiter, the nursery teacher, salesman, Courier, welder, high and low voltage electrical, etc.There are central electrical, zhongzheng navigation path, cofco (zhengzhou) industry, grain and oil, macro day hong yu hvac equipment, yulong metal, the source power, hungry yao, heavy industry, xing yu automobile, new dawn long construction, long JieChang automobile parts, Warwick chemical, devine teng intelligent science and technology, science and technology, China, cafu, hong feng hotel, red Ma Yunzhong logistics, Ann can logistics, s.f, tianlun propertyMore than 100 well-known enterprises, providing more than 19800 positions, the activity site has enterprise recruitment area, window recruitment display area, job registration filling area, employment guidance service area, etc.In order to ensure that the recruitment of enterprises after the 2022 Spring Festival can proceed smoothly and all kinds of job-seekers can stabilize their employment needs, zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security will hold the “Spring Breeze Action Zhengzhou 2022 Spring Festival Talent Recruitment Conference” from February 9 to 25, 2010.During the event, six large-scale job fairs will be held at two venues, “Zhengzhou Human Resource Market, China” at 50 Jingbei Erlu and “Zhengzhou Human Resource Center Market” at 95 Dazhong Road.A total of 900 employers will be invited to the conference, providing more than 36,000 jobs.Involved in civil engineering, IT technology, real estate construction, biological medicine, education and training, machinery manufacturing, catering and hotels and other industries.Recruitment Fair time and Venue:On February 9 (9th) – human resources of zhengzhou central market (university middle road no. 95) on February 11th (January 11) – zhengzhou human resource market (the north 2 no. 50) on February 15, for human resources center (the 15th) – zhengzhou (university middle road no. 95) on February 18, (January 18) – zhengzhou human resource marketFebruary 22 (Tuesday) — Zhengzhou Human Resource Center Market (95 Middle University Road) February 25 (Friday) — Zhengzhou Human Resource Market (50 North Second Road) it is reported that in order to make more employers have the opportunity to participate in the recruitment, every job fair to participate in the recruitment of enterprises basically do not repeat.So far,Have three houses (soes), henan, China railway seven innings (soes), guangdong (soes), anshan iron and steel group (soe), dongfanghong space biological (state), chemical 11 building, JianQi bureau (soes), huahua cattle group (international), haidilao group (listed), and gravels (listed), unified logistics enterprises (foreign), South Asia plastic (foreign), the swan group (international), Camel medical, China Gezhouba Group, Sinopec Henan Post Construction, Yili Group, Bank of Communications and other more than 600 well-known enterprises, state-owned enterprises, listed enterprises registered to attend the conference.The organizer reminds participants: The job fair will be held in the morning from 8:30 to 12:30, should be past graduates can attend, please grasp the time.In addition, to strictly implement epidemic prevention measures, the fair requires wearing masks and scanning health codes.

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