The Municipal Government held the third executive meeting of 2022

On February 14, Du Huiliang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee and Mayor, presided over the third executive meeting of 2022.The meeting conveyed the important instruction spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection in Shanxi.He stressed the need to thoroughly study and implement general Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions, accurately grasp the essence of their implementation, and take concrete actions to safeguard the “two certainties” and “two safeguards.”We need to take a firm stand for the people, put into practice the vision of people-centered development, and effectively link our achievements in poverty alleviation and expansion with rural revitalization. We need to strengthen areas of weakness in living standards, improve people’s wellbeing, and promote common prosperity.It is necessary to protect and inherit traditional culture, deeply explore the unique connotation and modern value of Ordos culture, coordinate tourism development and cultural relics protection, and build a bottom line for cultural relics safety.To further promote the “double carbon” work, adhere to the first break up, seek improvement in stability, well implement energy for major political task, accelerate the traditional energy and new energy optimization combination, the system concept through “double carbon” work process, strengthen the green low carbon technology research, comprehensive energy saving and emission reduction, pollution, increasing green each work.The meeting discussed the division of key tasks in the Work Report of the Autonomous Region Government and the work Report of the Municipal Government.He stressed that the Report on the Work of the Government is a solemn commitment made by the government to the people and a programmatic document for the government’s governance.We need to raise our political standing, strengthen our ideological understanding, seize development opportunities, divide tasks according to the division of tasks, take the initiative to claim tasks, specify specific responsibilities, make clear timetables, road maps, and task books, make plans early, implement them first, and implement them in real terms, strengthen oversight and scheduling, and make every effort to ensure that the targets and tasks set forth in the report deliver tangible results as soon as possible.The conference will study the 14th Five-Year Plan of Industry and informatization in Ordos City and the 14th Five-year Plan of health in Ordos City.It is emphasized that each special plan is an important support to promote the implementation of the “Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan” and an important document to guide the work in related fields in the next five years.We should carefully study the major indicators, tasks and projects set in the study plan, formulate and improve supporting policies and systems, organize the implementation of annual tasks, refine and strengthen work measures, actively promote the implementation of the plan, and effectively translate the blueprint into construction drawings for action.The meeting also examined other matters.Ordos Daily all media reporter: Hu Qun editor: Yang Yang, Wang Shuqi proofread: Bai Qian school review: Wang Zeng final review: Guo Zixin

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