This underwater proposal in Chengdu, one month of training, is much sweeter

Wuxi little micro are delivered to the work of today and romantic chengdu people but never waste the day of such an elaborate “underwater” marry him almost put small sweet staining on February 13, a Marine park in chengdu staged a special underwater proposed blue line love concentrated into a water curtain and the white whale do “will you marry me?”And he got the answer he wanted!White whale is reported that a nurse heroine Wu Siqi chengdu haichang polar Ocean Park is the white whale five years ago, a nurse frank li just moved to the park Wu Siqi became his master then to know each other and fell in love today, under the witness of the white whale they ended three years love to hand in hand into the new stage of life sweet memories the past Wu Siqi said with a smile:”Some colleagues said we were the ocean version of Yang Guo and Xiaolongnu.””Proposing underwater is romantic, but it’s also very difficult.”It is understood that the nurse was the white whale’s hero to this proposal, an out of the water he hard for a whole month of diving, however the proposed site or out of the accident: because male leading role in underwater walking a mistake on the propose on the sidelines of tourists pulled open the banner heroine have some worry glass gently while Shouting: “I’m here!”My one and only the heroine’s parents also came to the scene of the proposal and personally for her to wear the white yarn when the hero after confession of love as a diamond ring in his hand “marry me” banners slowly away watching family, colleagues have also raised the “Mary me” light “brand” is too romantic, just like TV.””Today, in the presence of the whale, I promise you that you will be the only one for me!”Holding a diamond ring and flowers, Li went to Wu siqi’s side and got down on one knee to put a diamond ring on her finger. Afterwards, they embraced each other and ate a mouthful of dog food, but Xiao Wei was really sweet!Do you think an underwater proposal is romantic?What did you do when you proposed/were proposed to?This underwater proposal in Chengdu, offsets the intensity of one month’s training!

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