Ai doctor resigns from Irish University to return to his hometown

“Look, these are our cooperative circulation of land, a total of more than 4,000 acres, other places have more than 1,000 acres.”On January 20, pan Xinxing, a reporter from Hubei Daily, looked along the direction of his finger and saw a large field spread out from the foot of Baiyang Mountain with no end in sight.Pan xinxing, 36, is a postgraduate tutor with a PhD in artificial intelligence at Athlone University of Technology in Ireland, earning an annual salary of around 500,000 RMB.In March 2020, he resigned from his teaching and research job at Athlone University of Technology in Ireland and returned to his hometown to replace his father, who died in an accident, as the new chairman of Changfu Cooperative.”My father Pan Zijin is a legend in my heart.After 11 years abroad, I returned to my hometown every Spring Festival to accompany him and my mother.”Pan Xinxing said.Pan Zijin, primary school education, served as the village party secretary, state-owned agricultural enterprise factory director, founded changfu rice factory.He initiated the establishment of Changfu Cooperative, which transferred more than 5,500 mu of land and entrusted more than 23,000 mu of land, led more than 7,000 farmers in 6 towns and townships, and became the largest specialized rice cooperative in Xishui County.In December 2016, Changfu Cooperative was rated as the National Demonstration Cooperative of Farmers.In December 2017, Pan was awarded the title of “National Agricultural Model Worker”.At the beginning of 2020, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Pan xinxing was cut off from her home and unable to return to Ireland as scheduled.One day in March of that year, pan Zijin, 57, was driving a forklift truck to deliver fertilizer to a farm when the road collapsed and he fell in the field.”Should I return to Athlone and continue teaching and research, or should I stay and run the co-op?”The accident of father dies, let Pan xinxing have to face such life choice.After much deliberation, he decided to quit his job abroad and continue where his father had left off.”It was my father’s original intention to lead the villagers to a better life.As the eldest son, I have the responsibility to shoulder the burden for my father, and my major is very useful here.”Pan Xinxing said.At about 10 am on January 20, the rice cake processing workshop of Changfu Cooperative was filled with rice fragrance. Li Chunhong, 60, who has been out of poverty, was busy putting rice cake on the rack.”I can earn more than 100 yuan a day and 30,000 yuan a year,” she said.”As the Spring Festival approaches, rice cakes are in short supply, selling more than 5,000 kilograms a day.”Pan said the cooperative provides 58 permanent posts for the poverty-stricken families, with more than 200 people a day during busy farming seasons.Pan xinxing introduced the situation to the reporter in Putonghua, exchanged greetings with villagers in xishui dialect and sometimes communicated with foreign friends by phone in English.Changfu cooperative originally had a rice production workshop and a rice ba processing workshop.After taking over as president, Pan Xinxing invested more than 1 million yuan in the transformation and upgrading of rice production workshop, the whole rice rate significantly improved;Add a rice cake production line to double the rice cake production capacity;A new rice noodle factory will be built.At present, changfu series of agricultural products into huanggang major business super.In 2021, the sales volume of Changfu Cooperative exceeded 110 million yuan, an increase of more than 30% over the previous year.Click farmland management in changfu cooperative office building on the first floor, there is a dispatching center.Pan Xinxing opened the electronic large screen, from the field to agricultural products processing workshop, more than 30 real-time pictures appear on the large screen.In 2021, Changfu Cooperative, in conjunction with large farmers and professional agricultural machinery cooperatives, installed the Beidou positioning system for more than 200 sets of agricultural machinery equipment in the county.”From the large screen, you can see the location and working status of each farm machine, so as to facilitate the nearest scheduling, reduce costs and improve efficiency.”Pan xinxing said changfu cooperative has cooperated with huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan Light Industry University and other universities to carry out smart agriculture pilot projects.According to the characteristics of scattered farmland in hilly areas, a set of intelligent farmland management system was established.”We input hydrological, soil, climate and other information from each field into the system and transform it into recognizable instructions through big data analysis and modeling.Life cycle management of crops is just a click away.”At the beginning of this month, a new mobile APP with an investment of more than 1 million yuan was completed.Pan xinxing plans to invest another 1.8 million yuan to build an automated double-season seedling plant.”At my father’s hands, the Changfu Cooperative built 10km of concrete roads in the fields, and the villagers realized their dream of ‘driving cars to the fields’,” he says.I want to give play to my professional expertise, so that villagers can sit at home and use computers to plant the fields well.”(Hubei Daily full media reporter Zhang Quan, correspondent Fang Jun, Video production: Correspondent Kong Xiaojun) source: Hubei Daily

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