Cook finally showed his sword and patched up the iPhone’s weak signal

IPhone users are most troubled by signal problems, wifi flow, poor signal problems emerge in endlessly, all the root is 5G baseband “caused by the disaster”.Although the performance of the iPhone equipped with high communication baseband is better than the previous Intel in terms of signal, in order to enhance the communication problems, Apple may use its own 5G baseband in the iPhone14 series to improve the smooth communication of the phone.Apple has spent $1 billion to acquire the core assets of Intel’s baseband business. Apple has launched its own 5G baseband research program, which is built with TSMC’s 4nm process. High manufacturing process means higher integration, smaller chip area, and better display of chip strength.Apple chose to develop 5G baseband, on the one hand is not satisfied with Intel, Qualcomm technology, and on the other hand is to reduce costs.Due to the development schedule, at present, I do not know whether the iPhone14 series will be carried, once the iPhone14 series is added to the research 5G baseband technology, the material cost will be reduced, the starting price of iPhone14 series is expected to be reduced, the problem of poor signal will be solved, for consumers, as long as the price of iPhone14 series is reasonable,It’s hard not to fire a new phone.If the iPhone14 series can’t be powered by apple’s own 5G baseband, it will be powered by the snapdragon X65 baseband, which is capable of reaching 10Gbps, meaning it will exceed 10gb for the first time in a 5G environment.Can let THE performance of 5G full play, and get multi-channel call signal, 5GReleas16 standard and Wi-Fi6/6E, 5G in mm spread sub-6G up to 10Gbps, 19 times faster than 5Gsub6, iPhone14 series signal will be further improved.

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