Greece has a vaccination rate of 70.8% and a high rate of re-infection of Omicron

China News network on February 16So far, a total of 7,418,623 Greek residents have received two doses of vaccine, accounting for 70.8 percent of the total population in Greece and 70.7 percent for the entire European Union, the Sino-Greek Times reported.The high vaccination coverage, combined with a drop in new hospital admissions and deaths, has helped experts and the government pave the way for a further relaxation of quarantine measures.In addition to being a “passport” to normalcy, the COVID-19 vaccine also provides vulnerable groups with protection against dangerous viruses, said Maria, honorary professor of paediatrics and chair of the Greek National Vaccination Committee.She also says people infected with the omicron strain are more likely to get reinfected than those infected with other variants of the virus.At a meeting of the expert committee on Feb. 16 (local time), the committee is expected to assess whether the existing quarantine measures can be eased again in light of the current situation.(Yu Dan)

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