Valentine’s Day 99 roses or break 1,000 yuan

During a visit to guangzhou lingnan Flower Market on Feb 11, the price of fresh flowers will be higher than usual from the eve of the 2022 Spring Festival, and some flowers favored by consumers will be twice as expensive as last year.”Roses originating in Kunming, Yunnan province, sold for 120 yuan for a bunch of 20 single-head roses, while good varieties of single-head roses sold for 150 yuan for a bunch, double the usual price.”Lingnan flower market stall owner said.Some flower shop users even described that since December last year rose prices have been sitting on the “rocket”, these days rose prices directly on the “spaceship”.Flower stall owner told reporters, “Affected by the epidemic, the number of flowers planted by flower farmers has decreased, while in the process of transportation, road, personnel control and other measures will affect the arrival time of flowers, the supply timeline is stretched, resulting in demand.”Some merchants predict that the wholesale price of 99 roses at the same time in the past may be only four to five hundred yuan, and the retail price can reach seven to eight hundred yuan, but this year the retail price is expected to exceed 1,000 yuan.Editor: Wang Letao Source: Times Weekly

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