“Warm Project” online, xiaoying East Road thermal pipeline expansion upgrade!

Recently, Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission approved the application report of xiaoying East Road thermal pipeline expansion project.The project will further ease the pressure of heat transmission channel, improve the structure of urban heat network, and improve the capacity of heat supply.How will this “send warmth” project be planned and implemented?Chaoyang District Xiaoying heating Plant is one of the most important peak-regulating heat sources in the urban heat network.Construction of 3 116MW gas-fired hot water boilers in the first phase and expansion of 7 58MW gas-fired hot water boilers in the second phase.At present, the boilers in the heating plant have been built one after another, and have the conditions for trial operation, but the transmission capacity of the pipeline outside the heating plant does not match the heating capacity of the heat source in the heating plant, so it needs to be further improved.In order to further improve the hydraulic conditions of heating, the project will enlarge the current thermal pipeline on east Xiaoying Road, south of the current Xiaoying heating plant.The starting point of the project is to reserve the thermal outgoing line interface of the municipal road red line on the west side of Xiaoying heating Plant, and build a new thermal pipeline along Xiaoying East Road. In the east, the thermal pipeline is connected with the current DN1000 thermal pipeline of the first-phase outgoing line of Xiaoying Heating Plant, and in the west, the thermal pipeline is connected with the current thermal pipeline at the intersection of Xiaoying Road.The total length of the newly built heat pipeline is 415.5 meters, and the main pipe diameter is DN1000-DN1200. The whole line is laid by shallow buried and dark digging.The pipeline “upgrade” will start in September 2022 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.At present, the heating facilities of Beijing urban heat network are constantly improved, and the heating guarantee capacity is constantly enhanced. A heat network architecture has been formed, with four gas heat and power centers as the main heat sources, several gas peak boilers and emergency standby heat sources as auxiliary heat sources.Small camp heating plant is an important load heat source, after the completion of the project, can greatly improve its heat supply network in the northeast area is short of lose heat efficiency, small camp heating plant can be fully to the heating capacity of phase I and ii central heat supply network, heat supply network for the center to provide clean heating energy supplement, is not only beneficial to improve energy efficiency, also can improve the stability of the district heating effectively.New pipe network, large energy, warm tens of thousands of people together for this “send warmth” project praise

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