Feng: There is a sense of tragedy in what I like to do

Feng jicai just celebrated his 80th birthday.When people celebrate their eightieth birthday, they put on Tang costume, put the birthday boy behind them, put fruit baskets and flowers in front of them, and many people come to celebrate their birthday……But Feng jicai does not want to be too ordinary, he wants to add something.One, a meal of noodles with my 105-year-old mother.”My mother gave birth to me at the age of 25 and is still healthy.It’s rare for me to be 80 and still be able to see my mother.”Second, an event at the college is not a celebration, but a bit of research.”I have lived in Tianjin since I was born.I want to discuss what kind of relationship and emotion intellectuals have with their native land and people in their native land, which is meaningful to writers and literature.”Feng’s 80th birthday comes with two new books — a Cave in the Studio, a collection of essays, and Danube Valley, a collection of five novellas.”Although I’m 80 years old, I’m still between 50 and 60 years old mentally and physically,” Feng said in an interview with China Youth Daily. “I still have sensitivity and imagination. Creativity is what I need.”Cny.com: You have a habit of drawing on important days in your life. will you draw this year?Feng: Everyone has some points in his life, and sometimes his efforts are to leave some memories for the future.When I was 50, I painted a large tree. It was autumn, but the leaves were shining in the sun.I felt like I had entered a golden age of my life, just like that tree.At the age of 60, I painted a picture of a ship sailing in the middle of a big river.At that time, I started to do folk cultural heritage rescue, and I needed such a force.I haven’t drawn this year because I don’t know what the emotion will be yet.I draw on my wedding anniversaries, such as my silver wedding, my gold wedding and my emerald wedding. It’s the two of us who draw a pair of birds together.This was first done in the 1960s and 1970s, when we drew a pair of birds in the snow.Later, we kept painting birds, and the landscape kept changing, but the two birds stayed.China Youth Daily · China Youth net: “A World in the Study” and “a cave in the Studio”, are they the happiest works you have written?Feng: Readers may have noticed that I am very happy.It was very relaxing to write, because it was all about things that I lived with every day, and I knew the story in each one.Like song people write notes, line description, write plain life in the taste.There may be some sentimental stuff, but it won’t make me cry.When people are 70 or 80 years old, every bit of the past, happiness, sorrow and joy, will become another kind of poetry in the article.Cny.com: What do painting and writing mean to you?Feng: I started out as a painter. I have been painting for 15 years. Of course, I am still painting now.For me, painting is more personal, a kind of personal spiritual feeling, a kind of disengagement, a kind of expression.Literature bears more thoughts on life and social responsibilities.Literature has influenced my painting, such as the pursuit of literariness and poetry in painting, which is also the tradition of Chinese painting, especially literati painting.Painting also affects my literature, because the common point between it and literature is to produce visual images and create a visible space, characters and scene for readers, and the clearer and simpler the better.I don’t have to allocate time for those two things.When I feel literary impulse, I go to my study to write;With a desire to paint, I went to the studio.My study and studio are at opposite ends of a porch in our house. It is a sweet and happy journey.China Youth News · China Youth net: what do you think is missing from your studio?Feng: I’m good. I don’t lack anything.In my teacher’s studio, there are nanmu bookshelves, emitting a unique fragrance, hanging scroll paintings, placed with green plants, very beautiful;Now the studio is more like a workshop.I wrote about two painters’ studios in the book, one is Wu Guanzhong, which is small and only about ten square meters, and the other is Han Meilin, which is very large. They all have paintings in common, and the studio is a place for work.In order to save folk cultural heritage, you once sold paintings to raise money.Feng: First of all, selling paintings can’t save folk culture.With all that China and all that cultural heritage, what can I do with the money I sell?It may have a role in arousing people to think about the problem.When the paintings were sold, I felt like I had nothing left.And then I said, there’s a little bit of tragedy in what I like to do.I gave my heart to the earth.China Youth News · China Youth net: are you back to literature now?Feng: In the sense of writing, I have been separated from literature for 20 years, but I will not leave it.When rescuing folk cultural heritage, I often have literary impulse and imagination.Literary imagination is the most time, is running on the earth.Especially sitting in a car at night, listening to music for hours on end, the literary imagination comes out of nowhere.But I couldn’t write it then. I didn’t have time.Sometimes when I see new books by my peers or young people, I feel a little bitter that I can’t do what I love.But only a little, because I knew what I was doing was too important to do.Since I have been tied up with cultural heritage protection all my life, I will never let go. I just don’t have the strength to continue.If I had to go back to when I was 60 and had the strength, I would put down the novel.There are still a lot of problems with cultural heritage, new dilemmas are constantly emerging, and too much has not been done.China Youth News · China Youth Net: The 5 novels in Danube Gorge introduce elements of dream, fantasy and adventure into the real reality, “both true and unreal”, which is the style you have never had before.How do you maintain this creative passion?Feng: The passion for literature is natural. As a literary person, when he has passion for life, he should express it in words.For example, when WRITING “Wood Buddha”, I changed an Angle, not to write things with people, but to write things with people, with wood Buddha’s self-narration as the narrative perspective.I’m a little different now.I used to hope to learn about life with readers, but now I think literature has a very important mission, which is to leave aesthetic images and reflections on The Times.A good artist should influence the spirit of The Times, especially the aesthetic spirit.I was asked, what are your writing plans?I don’t have a plan. Writing is a happy creation. I have accumulated so much of my life in the past 20 years that I can’t stop writing one piece after another.China Youth News · China Youth net: your creation has changed, so what is constant?Feng: I insist that literature should be turned into works of art. Works of art have aesthetic value.I also stick to the novelist’s language, which, no matter how passionately written, should ultimately be accurate.This is also the tradition of Chinese literature. In the history of Chinese literature, the first mature is poetry, then prose, and the biggest influence of poetry on literature is language.When I wrote “Common People”, I wrote very fast, but CHANGED a lot of times, the language is not good, I dare not let go.Cny.com: You are from Ningbo, Zhejiang province. What are your parents like and how do they influence you?Feng: My mother is from Jining, Shandong province, which is characterized by both martial arts and literature.Wen, is the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, Wu, liangshan river, was the active place of Wu Song, Lu Zhishen.My father is from Ningbo, and the family has been literati since the Tang Dynasty.The virility of Shandong people and the delicacy of Zhejiang people have both influenced me.Influence is not a matter of a few words, is engraved in the spirit.At the age of 50, I went to Ningbo to hold an art exhibition. I respect my hometown, which is the birthplace of my life.The first time I sold paintings was also in Ningbo.At that time, there was no money to repair he Zhizhang’s ancestral temple, so I chose 5 of my favorite paintings in the exhibition and sold them for donation. Now the ancestral temple has become a very important cultural tourist attraction in the local area.This kind of thing, I do a lot, it has no idea, no utility, just out of love.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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