Smell the snow!Nantong Municipal Authorities sound emergency snow removal “assembly call”

The first snow of the Year of the Tiger arrived on July 7, the first day of the New Year’s construction, and the municipal government’s emergency snow removal “assembly call” sounded.The reporter understands from municipal departments, 10 o ‘clock in the morning and 13 municipal facilities administration emergency disposal team and more than 190 rescue workers have been assembled finished, two salt 23 a patrol car, 4 sets of snow removal and disposal of the vehicles are in good condition, 520 tons of snow melt agent and brooms, shovels and other supplies have been ready, at each point in the event of snow,Personnel, materials, machinery can be rushed to the scene in the first time.”As soon as the snow fell this morning, our inspectors hit the road and there is no snow on any of the roads.As early as the Eve of the Spring Festival, we have made preparations for emergency snow removal.All mechanical equipment debugging in advance, personnel and materials reserve in place, during the festival there are special personnel on duty.”City municipal facilities administration highway pipeline superintendent Yang Guiyun introduces to the reporter, to further strengthen the scheduling command, municipal facilities management in snow removal vehicles pilot carried a video equipment, for the first time onboard video and real-time positioning information back, headquarters can real-time audio and video connection with the site emergency personnel, disposal of the video can be real-time command platform back to the place,It effectively improves the scientific level of emergency command.The reporter understands from municipal departments, since entering the winter, the city municipal facilities administration attaches great importance to the rain and snow freeze disaster defense and disposal work, set up the emergency leading group, combined with previous work experience and the new situation requires that revising the snow removal antifreeze emergency plan, formulated the new route of snow removal operations, early intervention jianghai road viaduct east extension period of disposal of snow.The snow removal exercise was organized in advance, and special personnel and cars were arranged to patrol and watch key parts of the urban viaduct main line, ramp, interchange, bridge and so on.Next, municipal departments will strengthen communication with meteorological, traffic police and other departments, pay close attention to the weather development trend, master the road condition information, ready to carry out artificial and mechanical snow removal operations at any time, and strive to escort the safe travel of citizens.Source: Nantong

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