The Zhengzhou-Jinan high-speed railway is expected to open to traffic in May this year, and the city-level high-speed railway will be completed in Henan by 2022

Leju housing news economic development, traffic first.As a new urban artery, high-speed rail is more like the pulse of a city, driving the whole city forward.The high-speed railway shortens the space distance between the two cities, bringing about the flow of people, the development of economy, the rise of commerce and the gathering of capital. Meanwhile, it also affects the planning and change of urban spatial pattern.At 10:30am on February 8th, the joint test of zhengzhou-Jinan high-speed railway from Puyang to Zhengzhou officially began, which means that the formation of “mi” high-speed railway in Henan has entered the countdown.On November 15, 2021, the static acceptance of the Zhengzhou-Puyang section of the High-speed railway began. The thermal slip test began on January 12, 2022, and the joint adjustment test began on February 8. It is planned to be completed and open to traffic in May.The zhengzhou-ji high-speed railway runs from zhengzhou, capital of henan province, in the west to jinan, capital of shandong province, in the east, with a designed speed of 350Km/h.The zheng-Pu section of zheng-Ji High-speed Railway has a total length of 197.279km. Construction began on June 1, 2017, with 7 new, modified (expanded) stations, namely, 7 stations in East Zhengzhou, South Xinxiang, East Xinxiang, South Weihui, Yuejun, Neihuang and East Puyang.Zhengzhou-ji high-speed railway, as an important part of the “meter” shape high-speed railway network in Henan province, is a fast passenger transport channel connecting the Central Plains urban agglomeration and shandong Peninsula urban agglomeration.After opening to traffic, Zhengzhou to Puyang will only take about 1 hour, but also will end the history of puyang no high-speed rail, Henan city to achieve high-speed rail.In a word, once the zhengzhou-Ji high-speed railway is completed in the future, the communication and exchange between Zhengzhou and other cities in Henan province and other cities outside the province will be further promoted, and the development of Zhengzhou will be better.Article source: Leju buy a house

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