There will be four versions of the Iphone14, with more affordable prices, in a bid to expand market share

After the iPhone 13, Apple announced the cancellation of the iPhone 13 mini model due to poor sales.The iPhone SE series is expected to replace the mini series.But after a revamp of its product line, apple will release four iphone14 models in 2022.After canceling the iphone14 mini series, apple will add the Max version to the regular iphone14.In other words, our company will release 6.1-inch iphone14 and iphone14Pro, as well as 6.7-inch iphone14Max and iphone14Pro Max.Combined with other tweaks this year, there’s a good chance we’ll see them at the fall 2022 conference.The 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch iPhone14 models have bangs.And two iphones with perforated screens — 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch.In addition, As Emphasized by Apple, Promotion, also known as adaptive refresh technology, will be carried on Pro series iphones, and Apple will take measures such as reducing the number of cores to widen the performance gap between the full blood version and the residual blood version of A16 chip.I think apple is trying to expand the number of iPhone users and capture the market, after all, there are people who love the big screen and the Apple ecosystem and the smooth iOS.They are not willing to pay for features that don’t really work, such as Promotion and overly powerful chips.So expect the regular version of the Iphone14, including the 6.1-inch regular and 6.7-inch regular, to have a more affordable price.There is no doubt that this will have a huge impact on the Android market.2022 May be the most competitive year yet in the smartphone market.Wait and see.

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