These kinds of dogs are easy to be “discarded”, the reason is really distressed!

I believe that those who raise dogs sincerely hope that their dogs can accompany them for a longer time and better, and will not think of abandoning their dogs.But there are also some very irresponsible, once no longer want to raise, will find all kinds of excuses to abandon the dog.Especially the following types of dogs, it is easy to be discarded, and the reason for being discarded, let a person look on the special love!Mixed breeds are the most common breed of dogs thrown away.Most are caused by owners not keeping their dogs under control, leading to promiscuity.The appearance of hybrid dogs is very unstable, some can not even see what kind of dog string, the appearance level is low.Local dog reason: low price, owner’s vanity is mostly said to be Chinese rural dogs, they are low price, good physique, easy to feed, according to the truth will not be abandoned.But because of the inundation of foreign dogs, some people feel it is shameful to raise local dogs and do not want to raise them.In addition to the good constitution of the dog, life is a lot of puppies, if you can not sell, send out, and can not raise at home, the great chance is abandoned.Poodle reason: love riding straddle, dog guard of human power poodle before the people are a lot of, because it is small and lovely, will please the owner, smart, especially provoking pain.But some shovel-poop officer is too pet poodle, resulting in it easy to have the problem of dog power, annoying.In addition, poodles have a habit of riding, which often makes their owners particularly embarrassed, so impatient shovelers will abandon them once they get tired of raising them.Chihuahua reason: love barking, easy to get sick Chihuahua is a unique dog, it is small, easy to feel insecure, love barking, and it is weak, easy to get sick, breeding is relatively difficult, so once it is sick, the cost is high, some excrement officers are not willing to give the money, can only throw it away.Care of chihuahua is need patience, daily feeding also want to pay more attention to, to eat better, its constitution is better, less sick, can choose a balanced diet, good digestion and absorption of dog food, recommended “chan not greasy gluten-free foods”, selection of fresh chicken, duck, fish, meat content as high as 65%, no valley low sensitivity formula, easy to absorb more secure,Contains kelp powder, plantago, yucca powder, eucommia herb formula.Probiotics are also added to maintain a healthy gut, improve digestion and boost immunity.Xiaobian has words: no matter what kind of dog, since the choice of breeding, please do not abandon at will.What a dog can do wrong, in the end, is the owner’s fault.When we have a problem, we need to figure out how to solve it, not escape it by dumping our dog.No matter what breed of dog, as long as the owner can usually more love, patience to educate it, the dog can become very clever and sensible.When you educate your dog, you can reward it with small snacks. Dogs are greedy, and with the encouragement of snacks, it will be more motivated to learn.Recommended “pet rate freeze-dried egg yolk”, made of high-quality egg yolk, fragrant, good palatability, rich in natural lecithin, as well as the effect of beautiful hair, dogs are very love to eat.Conclusion: Why did you want a dog in the first place?Feel free to post pictures of your dog in the comments section

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