Chen Ping condoled with party members in difficulties before the Chinese New Year: to the party and the government care, to extend the best wishes for the New Year

January 29, the Spring Festival will come, cold weather, difficult party members, difficult people how to arrange their lives, and what difficulties, always affecting the heart of the city leaders.In spite of the cold wind, accompanied by rain and snow, Chen Ping, deputy Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee and Mayor, with deep concern for the masses, visited party members and people in need, sent them the care of the Party and the government, and extended the best wishes for the New Year.Condolence road village 6 groups of poor people Chen Youxian “How is the body now?Are the New Year shopping ready?”Into the intersection village 6 groups of villagers Chen Youxian home, Chen Ping and she talked about the home, asked about its body and life, the condolence money to her hands, encourage her to firm confidence, and wish in the New Year health, the day across the more prosperous.Sympathy crossroads village 7 group of veterans, party member Gong Deyan at intersections 7 group of veterans, party member Gong Deyan home village, Chen ping be caring and attentive, details about his recent life condition and existing difficulties, thank him for his past in forces to defend the contributions, and hope he continue to develop the whole function, veterans do not fade, support for rural construction,We will actively participate in rural governance and revitalization to make our hometown richer and more beautiful.Condolence to tang Hanzhou, an old party member of 11 groups in Crossroads Village, who can only stay in bed because of illness and has no economic income.He had served as a village cadre, clear thinking, always paying attention to the development of the village group.”What is suitable for the village?What kind of support is needed?”Chen Ping cordially discussed rural construction with him and listened carefully to the aspirations of the elderly.And told the district towns to attach great importance to the life of difficult party members, try every means to help them solve the actual difficulties encountered, so that they truly feel the Warmth of the Party’s care and organization.Fu Baoshan, a member of the municipal party group, attended the visit.Produced by: Ezhou Rong Media Center Reporter: Liu Xuewen, Liu Wei, Min Jiaxing

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