Evolution looks at the world in one more dimension

Whether it is pangu’s creation, God’s creation, or the value of ideas, as well as the development of science, the world still evolves in its own way.We can’t just say it changes.The pandemic is proof of that.In the midst of the pandemic, whether it is the frequent occurrence of the virus or the collective turning to the left, the world is constantly moving forward, complex, diverse and full of uncertainties.Evolved to the present world, right?Or bad?Creationism alone, ideas and science alone, is obviously not enough.We need a more important perspective, which is the “heaven play” theory of existence.That’s what we all know as evolution.Evolution is disordered and there is no direction of progress.But the name evolution, this translation is not good, can not better express the existence of disorder.So, I prefer to use Yan Fu’s Evolution by Charles Darwin.It all started with a finch that Charles Darwin found on the Galapagos island.It’s called Darwin’s finches.On bug-infested islands, birds with straight beaks fared better;On berry-rich islands, birds with curved beaks fared better.Otherwise, it will be at a disadvantage, or even extinct.Darwin’s discovery led to his famous theory of evolution: the survival of the fittest by natural selection.This theory not only has an impact on the business world, but also on existence and the way of existence. Besides creationism and science, it is another dimension to explain the world.This is just business.In the business world, the same logic of biological evolution plays out.The logic of commercial evolution and biological evolution is the same: “It is not the strongest, nor the smartest, but the fittest to survive.”Success must be doing something right, and failure must be doing something wrong.However, in the face of the complexity of natural selection logic, we don’t really know what is right and what is wrong.Therefore, we respond to the complex natural selection with a huge amount of “competition between things”. This force is the power of evolution.The so-called sustainable business is actually very difficult, only evolution, evolution, and evolution.The success of all enterprises is due to the rhythm of The Times, and need a little luck.Some people who did the right thing because they were smart, or strong, or just lucky later became Darwin’s finches.Those who fail to become Darwin’s finches inevitably fail.”Evolution is the only reliable science of success on earth.”But success requires five scarce abilities: to be big, to be fast, to be first, to coordinate, and to survive.In fact, these five capabilities are also five strategies, which are the lowest level strategy and the strategy to choose the strategy.If an industry is predictable but not malleable, the basic strategy calls for “going big”.If the industry is unpredictable and unmalleable, it must be “fast”.If an industry is both predictable and malleable, but is about to change dramatically, it makes sense to “get ahead” and stay in position well before the time window closes.If the industry is unpredictable but malleable, then the rules need to be “harmonised” and redefined.Today, in the Internet age, many of the most powerful companies in the world collect, “mine”, and generate knowledge and wealth from sales and review data.Digitisation is mining data from the physical world, coaxing it into information, refining it into knowledge, aggregating it into wisdom, and ultimately increasing productivity.Digitisation involves four key steps: mining, refining, refining and polymerization.These four steps correspond to the four products of digitization: data, information, knowledge and wisdom.This is the core of measuring a company’s digital level.Thus, the information is purified data.Much of the innovation in the business world is essentially a “de-noising” approach to turning data into information.Such as steak, jade, tea, antiques, jewelry, aloes, etc., are all industries without measurable standards, and it is extremely easy to mix fish with fish and fish with pearls.This kind of “bad money drives out good money” market is called “lemon market” in economics.And in all lemon markets, there is a huge digital opportunity.Digitization is the mining of data from the physical world, coarsing it into information, refining it into knowledge, and aggregating it into wisdom.In the face of digitization, Darwin finches stand out because they have three common labels: new model, new channel and new brand.These three common labels construct new consumption.The new model is to turn around and face users, from the brand agent to the spokesperson of users.For example, the so-called livestreaming e-commerce, in essence, is not to help brands sell things, but to help consumers buy things.There are only two kinds of business in the business world: the product business and the traffic business.The product business is about making things. The flow business is about selling things.In the Internet age, traffic will go from solid to liquid, sometimes slower, sometimes faster, but never stopping.Flow ecology first get through is offline online get through.Flow ecology gets through the second time, namely public domain and private domain get through.The power of evolution is the power to cope with the complexity of natural selection with a huge amount of competition between things, thus becoming a Darwin’s finches.Therefore, we need to know the defects of grand creation and grand narrative, but also the consequences of scientific rationality. In the face of “natural selection” and the existence of reality, we need to observe the world from another dimension, which is the value of “tianyan”.This is an important perspective, past, present and future.Some pioneers, consciously or unconsciously, fell in love with tianyan theory and thus created commercial success.This is especially true of transactions in capital markets.Every present future is unknown.If we think this way, we can become the Darwin’s finches of the Galapagos, in our own environment.

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