Strangers bustling, thank you streamer to you my a meet

One of the words of affection, or it is lonely valley however the flower of evil spirit, full of original thorn and poison, but bright, enchanting, charm, so, let a person involuntarily close to, be most willing to sink.Always heard, can always talk about the cooling of the emotions, originally, all do not tell but from the heart of the moment.Calculate close at hand, but baizhuanqianhui, want to say return to rest, only big hair moon, silent witness all the wind and moon.How I fear, thousands of flourishing, to me, but like the desert walking.Thousands of noise, but I am a person in the deserted city.I am afraid that all the floating waves are free, and in the end, they will become bound water plants, and I will become the drowning man.I just feel suffocated.Just trying to break free.How afraid, all the good things in the world, but like spring flowers in March, it is scattered in a twinkling.Such as glass, such as crystal, view of guanghua circulation, Baoguang caused, not careful not to take steady, then into stone broken jade?Or, the world, originally but water moon mirror flower, just a mirror, found that is just a dream.All or real?Everything or never existed?Most of the time, I feel that I have forgotten to walk out of a deep dream. It was busy with people coming and going, but when I turn around, I find that everything around is empty.Or, there are always people bustling back and forth.But I reach out, but not a trace of clothing.Shouting loudly, but only to see others talk and laugh.Flowers and trees, fragrant road.Only I, come and go, go and wander, confused, do not know the road ahead, also do not know where to go.You and I say;I’m here all the time.I want to prove to you: you said, you are always here.At a certain moment, as if all the confusion, all the veneer suddenly covered up.The heart seemed to be in place.Miss, is the pain will breathe, is thousands of burrs added to be born as if nothing had happened difficult nai, is forced by the wind and frost.Is bitter coffee is slightly astringent, is sweet tea.It is unspeakable and eager forbearance.This body is like mail, wandering at a loss.Has been cold introspection, not angry not complaining, no if no sorrow.I think, this life is such, not happy, but also not too sad, confused, for the trivial laugh, and then the next second laugh like a broken kite abrupt stop.This is not bad, everyone is so lead, with what I can not muddle through?However, the world always inadvertently opened another window, will be my pale and eager to show clearly.Originally, I will be so strong rely on, I also do not have that kind of pity, I will be so heart speed up, I can crazy, flowers, is concerned about the weak one;Thousands of people, but also pay attention to the man’s slight frown, a smile.I will also, because of a simple word, a look and worry about gains and losses, or sorrow or joy.Because of a figure, a voice, and imperceptibly the mouth of the high radian.In the past, the green luo vine, heather wind faintly still can hear the laughter of the bright, or, because of that bright color, the way of profound perception of the season.Otherwise, that a flowering period, what do I have to do?Those flowers full of branches thin clothes and thin branches of frost to me, is just the same.Just, after all is different, after all, I also see the mountain is the mountain, see the water is not careful to see calm waves hidden layers of ripples.Street each other smile, street light under the huddle, look up the tacit understanding gentle, speechless, holding the hand relative peace.Was it all a dream?If so, if possible, can you give me a dream time?If you can, can you use a lifetime for this dream?If you can, can not wake up in the dream, so quietly drunk?Straight acacia useless, but difficult to ban the most acacia.Perhaps, time discrete, but in vain to wear a beautiful clothes, to the end, the so-called love is never a person’s boundless old, calculate the long march of mountains and rivers to go, party found the road ahead has long been smoke trailing grass, desperate.But how to do, I will not retreat, will not look back, I have already used all my humble and proud support layer upon layer of barriers, blocked all the way back, streamer is the most easy to throw people away, or all the most precious finally but like cicada slough, in the unsuitable season wind erosion disappeared.However, in this cold world, there is always a smile worth remembering.This article forward article reading network!

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