The man became a teacher of “Eight generations of Disciples of Guanyin” and spent 460,000 yuan in one month to transfer money to his foreign boyfriend

Xiong, a 51-year-old woman from Yunnan province, claimed to be the eighth generation of Guan Yin’s disciple. Liu, a graduate student who has returned from overseas, spent 460,000 yuan in one month.Xiong was sentenced to five years in prison in her first trial after being charged with fraud, but she appealed the verdict, red Star news reported on April 6.Xiong believes that her behavior does not violate the law, nor does it amount to criminal fraud, and hopes the court can change her acquittal, or send the case back for a retrial.According to shunyi police, the police received a report from a woman in early May 2021 that her husband, surnamed Liu, had been cheated.Two months ago, Liu just finished a major operation, began to pay attention to health.He saw xiong’s live lecture on a short video platform, and after paying attention, he felt that the knowledge she taught was more reliable, so he chatted with her privately.Later, Xiong pulled Liu to a health group with more than 60 members.In the group, Xiong claimed to be the eighth generation of Guan Yin disciples, not only cure people, but also magic power.Most of the members of the group are recovering from the same serious illness as Liu, and they often meet Xiong offline. They all believe in Xiong’s “magic power”.Liu said he was skeptical at the beginning to observe Xiong, to see whether she has real ability, he found that the other party is still quite understand.According to the chat logs displayed by the police, Xiong said she accepted her apprentices only with conditions because she had to fend off their disasters.Xiong also mentioned in the chat that after she opened the company, she would give out the equity of the company to everyone and let Liu help run it.After checking, Xiong mou is an ordinary middle-aged woman of Yunnan nationality, she confessed to her illegal acts of fraud.According to her account, Yoo paid 310,000 won to become her disciple, and more than 30 people in the chat group believed that she had “magic power” and were prepared to pay for it.According to xiong’s online publicity materials, she claimed to be the “first doctor in China”, the chairman of a company and the “seventh generation of imperial doctors”, and displayed various certificates.Witness Li mou said that Xiong mou once in his health training company lectures, she likes to talk about some through the wall “zhu by the art”, he also advised her to talk less about these things, more about health preservation content, do not develop the course into a feudal superstition.Liu, who was deceived, said Xiong had said she could be a psychic and had been the guardian of Avalokitesvara bodhisattva, leading 99 disciples to earth.She added that he was one of those disciples, and that god decreed that he should be her teacher.Witnesses show that he and Xiong mou are fellow villagers, no one in her family to practice medicine.Xiong’s brother also said that neither of his parents had ever practiced medicine, and his grandfather was a farmer who only knew some local remedies for minor ailments.Xiong left home as an adult, learned to massage outside, and showed it to his family.During the first trial, Xiong said that she did not have a medical qualification certificate, nor a pharmaceutical qualification certificate, and the medicine she gave Liu was just a folk remedy with detoxification effect.She learned that someone in Liu’s family had a tumor, then lied that there are drugs to mediate, want to cheat 150,000 yuan to repay the loan.In addition, Liu also gave Xiong’s foreign boyfriend transfer 200,000 yuan.Xiong’s daughter said liu paid the money should be a civil act, their ancestors had contact with traditional Chinese medicine health care, also cured some problems, if Liu did not want to worship, they can deduct the cost of early treatment back money.At present, the case is in the second trial.Part of the material from the red Star news, Shunyi police micro editor: Li Yang

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