Bailong Village in Baozhong Mountain: “Double Income Increase” for masses and collectives

Xiangtan Online February 7 (Xiangtan Daily all media reporter He Xing ‘an) village collective operating income of 150,000 yuan, farmers per capita net income of more than 17,000 yuan……In 2021, Bailong Village, Yueshan Town, Xiangxiang City, which was designated as a poverty-stricken village in the former province, achieved effective linkage between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization by relying on industrial development and “double income increase” of the masses and collectives.Bailong village, located at the foot of baozhong Mountain, used to have poor transportation and poor land.In recent years, the village in the superior party committee, the government’s support and the village work team help, heavy agriculture, xing industry, promote employment, now, the village has industry, villagers have class.In 2019, Bailong Village integrated the project fund of 600,000 yuan, built a steel structure workshop of 400 square meters, purchased oil presses, transportation vehicles and other equipment and facilities, and leased them to Hunan Zhongxiang Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., LTD., which came to invest in the village, and the village collective can increase its annual income by 41,000 yuan.Village joint construction, shares societe generale.After careful study and judgment, the “two committees” of Bailong Village invested 400,000 yuan of industrial poverty alleviation funds into the local agricultural industry company through the procedure of “four discussions, two public reports and one report”, and the funds were converted into shares, injecting the source of vitality into the village collective economy. The village collective guaranteed 32,000 yuan of dividend income every year.The surplus funds will also be invested in green photovoltaic power generation projects, the output of fixed income, an annual income of more than 32,000 yuan.After the road was widened, Bailong village increased its efforts to “invite fellow villagers and build townships” and invited talented people to return to their hometowns to start businesses.”Post-80s” Xie Zhao returned home to contract more than 50 acres of wasteland to set up a Chinese herbal medicine planting cooperative, the development of order agriculture, the current planting of Huangjing per mu yield of 200 kilograms, annual income of 400,000 yuan;See the characteristics of good planting “money”, and return to the villagers set up kiwi, trichosanthes planting cooperatives, the new sweet potato flour processing plant.Now, white dragon village has 5 agricultural cooperatives to develop “four special planting” that is, citrus base, kiwi planting, trichosanthes planting and Chinese herbal medicine planting, to solve a large number of employment at the same time, the annual village collective can increase income of more than 30,000 yuan.Last year, affected by the climate and other factors, citrus, kiwi, trichosanthes and other agricultural products once appeared unsalable, White Dragon village invited experts to guide, build the Internet agricultural products trading platform, through high-quality packaging to enhance the added value of products, cumulative product sales revenue of more than 2 million yuan, driving farmers to increase income of more than 400,000 yuan.>>Return to Xiangtan online home page

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