Did the Beginning end badly?See midday sunshine operation, the net friend directly gives full marks

Recently by Bai Jingting and Zhao Jinmai co-starred in the “beginning” finally ushered in the official end, in the days without updates in the drama fans are guessing all kinds of possible ending, now the final officially broadcast, we also feel excited.So far, the series has been viewed more than 1.2 billion times, with a final rating of 8.2 and over 3 billion netizens giving it a rating, which is a very good result. The series has been highly discussed since its airing.Any ending can’t meet all the audience’s expectations, so after the end of this drama aired, there was a hot debate about whether it was a bad ending.Although the way of early marketing is too “suffocating”, it has been on the heat list more than 300 times after five days of broadcasting, but the quality of the work is still nothing to say, it is really a rare high-quality work.Therefore, this play has a very good beginning, and many films and TV plays will have such a result, which is called “high open low go”. At the beginning, everyone likes it very much, but the later content has some unsatisfactory, which is also a law that many good works can not escape.This time “the Beginning” after the finale, there are many netizens comment that this drama is also “rotten end”, but in fact, there is another voice for the end of this drama, although the ending is not as advanced as we imagine, and the final ending is really warm.After the broadcast of this drama, a lot of social phenomena were revealed. Although most of the time of this drama was in the scene of bus, an ordinary bus reflected the complexity of the society and the weakness of human nature.After the broadcast of this drama, many details of the design shocked the netizens, and even each character gave enough support to ensure their own position and characteristics until the end.Since the show’s inception, entries related to the show have been on the trending charts both on new days and on new days, and on days like the finale, the show has topped the trending charts.Seven out of the top ten are the Beginning, which is a real hit, a complete success.But let everybody’s most surprise is the production team of this drama, the production team of this drama is everybody likes noon sunshine very much, noon sunshine has produced a lot of universally recognized classic works, and this time is no exception.From the operation of Midday Sunshine this time, we can see that a successful team is behind a good work, and a successful team needs to pay attention to the suggestions of netizens. After all, the work needs to be shown to the audience at the end of the day, and the most important thing is to make the audience satisfied.The original ending of the drama was also very sweet, but some netizens found that a kiss scene between Bai Jingting and Zhao Jinmai was reshot later.After the play was broadcast, everyone liked the interaction between “Li Shiqing” and “Xiao Heyun” two main actors. Although there was no clear emotional line in the play, we still felt the subtle emotional changes between the two people.The show ended with the two getting back together, but not before they filmed a kiss, which is probably what fans were looking forward to most.

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