Is Biden really soft this time?America began to evacuate its citizens from Ukraine, Britain, France and Germany took sides, and Russia changed its attitude

Since the second half of last year, Russia has been at odds with Ukraine, NATO and other countries.Recently, Russia has offered to sit down at the negotiating table with NATO and other countries to discuss Ukraine and other issues, but the results have not been satisfactory.The two sides have very different views of Ukraine, each on opposite sides of the other.As the two sides refuse to compromise, the situation between Russia and Ukraine continues to heat up and become more combative.The escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine, and the United States fanned the flames, Russia took the initiative to turn to the United States, hoping that the United States can act as a “peacemaker” to help deal with the situation.Unfortunately, talks between the United States and Russia also ended in failure.Although the NEGOTIATIONS between the United States and Russia have made some achievements to some extent, contradictions still exist on both sides.The two sides will continue to talk, but no one can say for sure.Of course, the gossip-loving United States also pulled another stunt after negotiations with Russia.When the talks ended, Secretary of State Blinken warned Russia that if it invaded Ukraine, the United States would respond immediately.Remarkably, shortly after Blinken spoke out, the Pentagon publicly announced that it had a plan for a “war in Ukraine.”According to the U.S. statement, the U.S. will train Ukrainian troops in Poland and other countries if Russia takes action.It has to be said that the US has gone to great lengths to provoke Russia.Of course, The Russian side is very angry at the constant provocation of the United States.Russia says its patience with the United States has reached its peak and the West is running out of time.After all, from Russia’s point of view, they have done everything possible for a possible peace situation.Yet the West has not changed its tune.To create tension, the United States has issued an evacuation order ordering Americans in Ukraine to return home as soon as possible.But while the United States was busy evacuating expatriates, it had the audacity to supply Ukraine with 90 tons of anti-tank missiles, rapidly escalating the situation between Russia and Ukraine.If a war broke out between Russia and Ukraine, the whole of Europe would be thrown into chaos.At the critical moment when the United States announced its evacuation, Britain, France and Germany began to take sides and follow the United States in sending missiles and fighter jets.France, which holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, called on the United States to stop immediately and for Ukraine, Russia and other countries to negotiate a solution to the current problem.Germany also wants all countries to negotiate a peaceful solution to the issue.In short, France and Germany do not want to see a resurgence of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the spread of war in Europe.As for Britain, it is only interested in its own interests, not the interests of the EU and Europe as a whole.At the same time, the different positions and attitudes of Britain, France and Germany have kept Europe divided, which not only gives the United States the opportunity to “operate”, but also makes it more difficult to peacefully ease the current tension.

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