After Chen Guangbiao, China’s leading philanthropist, returned to his hometown and handed out red envelopes to hundreds of elderly people, netizens said he was back

As for Chen Guangbiao, many of you may remember him. He was once popular on social media platforms, and his high-profile charitable activities attracted a lot of attention.Among the most memorable acts, 33 million yuan was tied up in cash and piled up on a wall to be photographed.On June 16, 2014, Chen guangbiao paid for an article in The New York Times that he would invite 1,000 poor people in the United States to have dinner, and that he would give $300 to each person.On the appointed date, Chen did treat the poor to a free lunch, but said nothing about the $300 per person he had promised.Whatever one may say about Chen’s high-profile philanthropic activities, he gave away at least $2 billion over a 16-year period, by his own calculations, and for years seemed to disappear from the mass media.Anyway, Chen did a lot of good.On February 2, 2022, Chen Guangbiao gave red envelopes to old people in his hometown of Tianganghu Township, Sihong, Jiangsu province.This time, however, it was not reported by the so-called closed newspaper and TV media, but was filmed on the spot by local villagers with mobile phones.In the red envelope scene can see Chen Guangbiao no longer fat figure, the whole person has lost a lot of weight, but still as always handsome, wearing a red vest holding a plastic bucket, the red envelope inside one hand handed out to the hands of the old people.Behind him was a stage where actors filmed Chen handing out red envelopes, suggesting that he was as famous as ever after returning to his hometown.This hometown stage singing opera has given the old man a red envelope move, should be Chen Guangbiao.In fact, many people know the name Chen Guangbiao. It was after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake that Chen donated 100 million yuan of materials and went to the disaster area for rescue, which officially became popular. Netizens call Chen Guangbiao “China’s chief Philanthropist”.Since then, Chen has appeared frequently in various state media, including the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.He promoted eco-friendly bikes, took a 30-minute dunk in an ice bucket, and offered to donate $1 million to anyone who could beat him.Then came the ice bucket challenge and the fraud. Charity is a wonderful thing, but it’s hard not to doubt his motives.The media reported that more than 170 fake seals were found in his company, and Chen guangbiao himself publicly admitted on his Weibo that the fake seals were indeed found, which is the last impression he left on us.However, Chen guangbiao’s charitable behavior is bound to leave a deep mark in the history of philanthropy. Every time he appears in public, he is doing charity sincerely, on the other hand, he is really putting on a show. At the same time, his career is growing with his charity.In fact, Chen did not stop his philanthropic activities. During the epidemic in Wuhan in 2020, Chen traveled to the city and donated 1 million face masks, 3 million portable disinfection sprays, 50 tons of disinfectant, 50,000 sets of protective suits and goggles, and millions of tons of rice and vegetables to the epidemic areas.These are enough to show that a person is addicted to charity, his original high-profile charity and now low-key donations, but is to arouse more rich people to join the team of charity.His original intention is good enough to prove that his original intention is good.Now, in his hometown of Sihong, Jiangsu province, Chen guangbiao once again appeared in front of his fellow villagers and handed out red envelopes to the elderly, proving once again that he is not willing to stop doing charity.No matter how many red envelopes of cash are handed out this time, there is no denying that the charity Chen guangbiao has brought to the people is real.As someone says, “Charity doesn’t matter in size.”Anyone who has a heart for charity should be praised for donating even a dollar a day.For the Chinese, the traditional implicit approach is to do good without being known.But Chen believes that good deeds should be celebrated, so that more people will step forward to do charity.Chen Guangbiao is just like a child. He must be applauded and praised for his charity work, and he must be given a certificate of honor.At the same time, his high-profile style has become his own company to live advertising, this is a lot of people on its high-profile style of criticism, that its charity is ulterior motives.However, this time, Chen guangbiao’s visit to his hometown can be seen as a sincere desire to do something good for the local elderly people, so he invited the troupe to stage the opera, organized so many elderly people to come to the scene, and did not forget that during the epidemic period, every old man wore masks and handed out red envelopes next to each other.Seeing only the dark crowd sitting in the square, we can know that Chen Guangbiao is still very ambitious. Ordinary people gather old people from the countryside, but they just want to cheat the people out of their pockets and sell some three-nothing products.But Chen Guangbiao is to send money to the common people, this is really the pattern determines the height of a person.A netizen from Yangzhou, Jiangsu province said that Chen guangbiao is out doing charity again. He hasn’t been featured in the red envelope in recent years, but no matter how much money is in the red envelope, it is his intention.Biao Ge or biao Ge, he has helped countless people, is a typical Philanthropist in China!Do you think Chen Guangbiao is a Chinese philanthropist when he returns to his hometown and gives red envelopes to the elderly?Welcome to comment on this post.

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